RNA Phosphoramidites

Thermo Fisher Scientific TheraPure RNA phosphoramidites are designed for oligonucleotide (or oligoribonucleotide) manufacturers requiring the highest quality with well defined impurity profiles and strictly controlled processes. All synthesis and QC processes are thoroughly documented to provide a consistent, high-quality product, with minimal batch-to-batch variability. Tightly controlled critical impurities, water content, and residual solvents make TheraPure phosphoramidites an ideal choice for therapeutic (and research) applications requiring high fidelity oligo synthesis, such as gene synthesis, gene editing, CRISPR-cas9 gRNA, antisense (ASO), and siRNA.

Process and supply chain control

  • Processes are monitored from material procurement through final QC and product release, providing batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • A controlled raw material supply chain and established vendor partnerships ensure consistency and security of supply
  • Purity of each RNA phosphoramidite lot is assessed by HPLC and 31P NMR analyses
  • Rigorously controlled manufacturing processes minimize levels of reactive P(III) impurities which could be incorporated into the oligonucleotide and result in the accumulation of by-products

Product configurations

  • Fast or standard deprotection options are available.
  • TheraPure RNA phosphoramidites are available with 2′-TBDMS protection or other nuclease resistant 2′-modifications
  • Ask us about TOM-protected RNA or other custom RNA phosphoramidites.

Custom services

  • Custom manufacturing services are available to assist in the development or scale-up of phosphoramidite compounds
  • Specialty phosphoramidites can be manufactured with base or sugar (2′, 3′ or 5′ positions) modifications

Flexible packaging

  • Common oligo synthesizer pack sizes are available for immediate delivery
  • Custom and bulk packaging are also available. Contact us to learn more.


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