Ideal Screening Technology

TaqMan™ Array Plates are ideal for screening biomarkers and toxicology panels, and for analyzing pathways, target classes, and complete disease sets using real-time PCR. TaqMan Array Plates are easy and economical to use because they do not require liquid-handling robotics, and offer standardized results with low variability across many users and laboratories.

Custom TaqMan Array plates

Your choice of TaqMan Gene Expression Assays pre-loaded and dried in standard 0.2-mL or Fast 0.1-mL 96-well plates
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Fixed Content TaqMan Array plates

Sets of pre-selected TaqMan Assays relevant for specific pathways, biomarker sets, or disease states in 96-well plate format.
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Flexible Content TaqMan Array plates

These plates contain a panel of preselected TaqMan Assays relevant to specific pathways or disease states, that can be modified and customized to your needs. They are available in 96-well standard and fast formats.
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Specialty TaqMan plating service

Contact our Specialty Plating team for 384-well TaqMan Array plates and 96-well plates containing custom assays.
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