Nunc Lab Tek Chamber Slides and Coverglass

Seed, incubate, fix and stain, all on one slide

Your research requires unique and specific solutions. Our comprehensive range of chamber slides and coverglass—offered in a variety of surfaces and formats—helps ensure you can select the best fit for your imaging applications and have more confidence in your results.

Coating Chamber Slide and Chambered Coverglass with Extracellular Matrix (ECM)

Coating Chamber Slide Chambered Coverglass with Extracellular Matrix

Have you ever experienced these problems with your cells on chamber slides?

  • Initial cell death after seeding
  • Detachment of cells during washing steps
  • Spontaneous differentiation
  • Unusual morphology and behavior of the cells
If you answer yes to either of the above, then you should consider coating the chamber slides with specific ECM.

Cell culture flask on slide

Nunc Lab-Tek Flask on Slide

Ideal for cell karyotyping using single cell autoradiography or single cell immunofluorescence. Culture your cells directly on the slide and remove flask if desired.

SlideFlask: Employs Nunclon Delta tissue culture–treated polystyrene slide attached to flask structure via ultrasonic weld. Culture area 9cm2/SlideFlask. Suggested working volume 2.5-5.0mL. Compatible with 18x50mm cover glass.

Flaskette: A glass slide with removable silicone barrier. Can be sealed to exclude air which is useful when embedding cells for electron microscopy. Culture area 10cm2/Flaskette. Suggested working volume 2.5-5.0mL.