E-Gel nucleic acid markers

The room-temperature stable, ready-to-use E-Gel™ 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder is premixed with loading buffer and is formulated specifically for maximum performance on E-Gel EX gels as well as other E-Gel precast gels. Standard ladders not premixed with loading buffer may also be used, but in significantly lower amounts than required for other gels. 0.1–2 Kb and 0.5–10 Kb RNA ladders may be used when separating RNA samples.

Figure 1. The E-Gel™ 1 Kb Plus DNA ladder was run on 1% and 2% E-Gel EX agarose gels with the E-Gel iBase™ Power System using the "E-Gel EX 1-2%" program setting for 8 minutes. Bands were visualized with the E-Gel Safe Imager Kit.

E-Gel DNA Ladder Selection Guide

Each ladder has its own advantages. The key to accurate band analysis is to use the correct ladder or marker for a particular application. Use the selection graphic to help you choose the one you need.

Range, bp DNA ladder Quantity Catalog #
25-500 25 bp DNA Ladder 100 applications 10488-095
50-800 50 bp DNA Ladder 100 applications 10488-099
100-12,000 E-Gel™ 1 kb Plus DNA Ladder 100 applications 10488-090
100-2,000 E-Gel™ Low Range Quantitative DNA Ladder 100 applications 12373-031
400-10,000 E-Gel™ High Range DNA Ladder 100 applications 12352-019

Sample loading buffer

The E-Gel Sample Loading Buffer is a 1X buffer designed for use with E-Gel agarose gels. The buffer comes ready to use, and does not require further dilution. It contains the unique tracking dyes Xylene Cyanol FF (XCFF) and Tartrazine. These dyes allow you to visually track DNA migration during electrophoresis, and indicate when maximum resolution is achieved.

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