Self-contained Power System

The E-Gel® iBase™ Power System is compatible with all low throughput E-Gels. This self-contained device includes a built-in power supply. Simply connect the AC adaptor provided and plug into an electrical outlet. View program selection and running time on the easy-to-read LCD display. Preset programs are available for various gel types or you can manually set your own run times.

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The E-Gel® electrophoresis system

The E-Gel® Safe Imager™ Real-Time Transilluminator allows you to watch migration of DNA in real-time in E-Gels containing SYBR® Safe. It offers:

  • Real-Time monitoring of DNA migration
  • Improved safety for the user
  • Enhanced cloning efficiency of retrieved DNA

With E-Gel® precast gels, you simply snap, load and run your samples – 3 Simple Steps

E-Gel® System—Easy as 1—2—3

  • Step 1. Insert an E-Gel® precast gel cassette
  • Step 2. Load samples and markers
  • Step 3. Run with preset or personalized programs

7-Minute DNA Separation

E-Gel® Precast Agarose Gels, E-Gel® iBase™ Power System, and E-Gel® Safe Imager™ Transilluminator
Get results in a fraction of the time with the E-Gel® iBase™ Power System. Separate 50 bp to 10 kb samples typically in just 7 minutes, using the “Speed E-Gel®” preset program on the E-Gel® iBase™ Power System (Figure 3). Choose 0.8%, 1.2%, or 2% agarose concentrations, and E-Gel® gels incorporated with either SYBR® Safe stain or ethidium bromide.


  Figure 3. Separation was carried out on a 2% E-Gel® agarose gel using the "Speed E-Gel®" preset program on the E-Gel® iBase™ Power System. Left lane: Low DNA Mass Ladder (Cat. No.10068-013) containing DNA bands of 2 kb, 1.2 kb, 800 bp, 400 bp, 200 bp, and 100 bp. Right lane: 904 bp PCR product.

Compatible E-Gel® precast gels

The E-Gel® iBase™ Power System is compatible with all low throughput E-Gel® precast gels. If you are unsure which one is right for your application, use our E-Gel® precast selection gel selection guide

Gels for nucleic acid separation

Gels for purification

Gels for purification for NGS