Applied Biosystems TaqMan Non-Coding RNA Assays enable researchers to reliably detect and quantitate non-coding transcripts longer than 200 nucleotides. Together with a standard reverse transcription kit and a qPCR master mix, these assays allow researchers to study regulatory non-coding RNAs in mammalian and many other complex genomes.

  • Highly specific―detects only the intended non-coding RNA transcript
  • Fast, simple, and scalable—two-step quantitative RT-PCR assay provides high quality results in less than three hours
  • Designed using the same verified pipeline and workflow as TaqMan Gene Expression Assays
  • Available for 12 different species

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TaqMan Non-Coding RNA Assays are available for 12 species (human, mouse, rat, rhesus, dog, pig, cow, horse, sheep, goat, marmoset, and naked mole-rat).

Assay components

TaqMan Non-Coding RNA Assays are delivered in a single tube containing the specific pre-formulated TaqMan Assay (TaqMan MGB probe labeled with FAM or VIC, and forward and reverse primers).

Assay suffix nomenclature

_s1: An assay whose primers and probes are designed within a single exon. Such assays, by definition, detect genomic DNA.
_g1: An assay that may detect genomic DNA. The assay primers and probe may also be within a single exon.
_m1: An assay whose probe spans an exon junction.

Available sizes

Our TaqMan Non-coding RNA Assays are available in three sizes.
Cat. No. 4426961: Small (360 reactions, 20X, made to order)
Cat. No. 4426962: Medium (750 reactions, 20X, made to order)
Cat. No. 4426963: Large (2900 reactions, 20X, made to order)

Shipping and storage

Shipped at ambient temperature.
Store at –15ºC to –25ºC.
 White Paper: Ambient Temperature Shipping Reduces Environmental Impact and Retains Quality and Stability

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