Advancements in mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) research are shedding light on how these stem cells may someday be used in various clinical applications such as immunomodulatory therapies (i.e., prevention of graft-versus-host disease or treatment of Crohn’s disease) and in cell replacement therapies for mesenchymal tissues such as bone and cartilage.

We offer an extensive selection of specialty products optimized for mesenchymal stem cell populations, many of which are free of animal-derived components and backed by our CTS brand.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Mesenchymal Stem Cell Research Products

Medium for mesenchymal stem cells

Gibco media include the broadest selection of specialty products optimized for mesenchymal stem cell populations, many of which are free of animal-derived components.

These media are designed to minimize adaptation time, maximize cell performance, and help meet regulatory requirements.

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Media, Reagents, and Kits
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Tools to engineer mesenchymal stem cells

These tools may be used to engineer your mesenchymal stem cells in order to study differentiation methods or the effects of disease specific genes.

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Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) differentiation kits

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Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) differentiation kits are used for reliable induction of human MSCs into adipocytes, chondrocytes, and osteoblasts.

These kits complement StemPro MSC SFM XenoFree, StemPro MSC SFM, MesenPRO RS Medium, and MSC-Qualified FBS–containing cell expansion systems. The kits are produced under cGMP, and each lot is performance-qualified by PCR and its ability to support differentiation of human, mouse, and rat MSCs. Reconstituted media from differentiation kits (basal medium plus supplement) are stable for up to 1 month.

We also offer a number of high-quality growth factors and cytokines for targeted differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. These proteins are extensively tested to help ensure high biological activity and purity, freeze–thaw stability, and structural homogeneity.

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Differentiation Kits

Validating mesenchymal stem cells

Validating mesenchymal stem cells to help ensure they are multipotent or have differentiated into the desired cell type is a critical step in your research.

TaqMan Arrays simultaneously analyze the expression levels of 96 genes by quantitative PCR, while TaqMan Protein Assays enable relative protein quantification of stem cell protein markers from limited quantities of stem cells.

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TaqMan Arrays and Assays
Cell Counting
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We provide a comprehensive set of resources for stem cell research including print and video protocols, product citations, tips and tricks, and technical support.

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