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Sandra has been working for Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2007 and brings her expertise in electronics, production and testing towards quick and comprehensive solutions for our customers. 

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To optimize the performance of your particulate monitor or sampler, there are routine preventative maintenance activities that should be accomplished.  In addition, instrument verification checks should be performed at prescribed intervals. The Thermo Scientific™ Technical Support team has developed Instrument Verification Sheets that allow you to track preventative maintenance and audit verification activities to ensure the positioning of your monitor or sampler for optimum performance.  Find the applicable Instrument Preventative Maintenance and Verification Sheet below:

Thermo Scientific™ 5014i Beta Continuous Ambient Particulate Monitor
Thermo Scientific™ Partisol™ 2000i Air Sampler
Thermo Scientific™ Partisol™ 2000i-D Air Sampler 
Thermo Scientific™ Partisol™ 2025i Sequential Air Sampler 
Thermo Scientific™ Partisol™ 2025i-D Dichotomous Sequential Air Sampler
Thermo Scientific™ Model 5030i SHARP Monitor
Thermo Scientific™ 1405-F TEOM™ Continuous Ambient Air Monitor
Thermo Scientific™ 1405-D TEOM™, Continuous Dichotomous Ambient Particulate Monitor
Thermo Scientific™ 1405-DF TEOM™ Continuous Dichotomous Ambient Air Monitor
Thermo Scientific™ 1405 TEOM™ Continuous Ambient Particulate Monitor

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