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Leak checks on the Thermo Scientific High-Volume Air Samplers should be performed after sampler assembly, motor maintenance and at routine intervals. You will need a flow calibrator such as the G2835 Vari-flo* or the top loading orifice calibration kit G2535*.


• Remove the currently installed filter and manometer from the Hi-vol sampler 
• Install the calibrator plate from the flow calibration kit. Insure that the gasket on the plate is not damaged
• Install calibration FTS (flow transfer standard) to top of unit where filter installs
• Connect the Hi-vol motor to an AC Power source and allow it 10 to 15 minutes warm-up
• Cover the hole on top of the FTS as well the pressure tap on the side of the Hi-vol with tape and listen for a ‘high-pitched’ whistle made by escaping air
• If a whistle is heard, a leak is present and needs to be resolved. Check connections and re-check leak. Do not block FTS opening for more than 30 seconds

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