Debbie Bowe
Sr. Tech Specialist and Master Trainer
Environmental and Process Monitoring

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Debbie enjoys helping customers solve problems in all areas including programming samplers, passing leak checks and getting flow audits to meet standards.

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Recent changes to Microsoft Windows Security interfere with the installer program. You must disable 'Windows firewall' and if you have a wireless network adapter disable the wireless adapter temporarily.  If your current firmware version is 1.56 or higher you can update to the current release, which is version 1.71 as of March 2015. 

If your current firmware version is 1.55 or earlier, you must update to 1.56 first before updating to the current release.

Read through the read me file that accompanies the firmware files for upload instructions and reference to the new Program Register Codes for use with current data acquisition systems. The unit must also be set to 'EPA' designation in the advance settings for mass calculation variables. PM10 concentrations are calculated for all reporting conditions, Standard, Volumetric and FEM and listed by variable or register.

For additional compatibility issues, refer to the Windows® 7 and Windows® 8 Software Compatibility Technical Bulletin.


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