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Sandra has been working for Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2007 and brings her expertise in electronics, production and testing towards quick and comprehensive solutions for our customers. 

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PM1 are extremely fine particulate matter that measure 1 micron or less. PM10 and PM2.5 are generally associated with pollen, spores and organic matter where PM1 will include dust, bacteria and viruses.

If you have a Thermo Scientific™ Model 2000i, 2025i, 5014i, 5030i, 1405 or a 1405F in your monitoring network, any one of them can be converted to measure PM1. They can easily be converted by replacing the VSCC, downtube or the WINS impactor with the VSCC for PM1. Simply remove the VSCC or the downtube and replace with the PM1 VSCC. (PM1 Very Sharp Cut Cyclone Sku # 10-007742) Doing this will allow the 1 micron and smaller particles to get through the inlet system and be collected at the sample chamber.

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