Graphic art showing a compensation bead bound to flow cytometry antibodies

UltraComp eBeads series for simplified compensation

Invitrogen eBeads compensation microspheres contain a mixture of antibody-coated positive and uncoated negative beads, combined in one vial. Dispense the eBeads as a single drop for compensation made easy. UltraComp eBeads microspheres were developed with the same benefits as OneComp eBeads microspheres with the added advantage of being optimized for use on the violet laser and added reactive species including rabbit and human. The UltraComp eBeads were designed for ease of use while obtaining the values needed for compensation.

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Browse the table below to understand the differences between the eBeads.

Table 1: Selection guide for compensation eBeads

  UltraComp eBeads Plus compensation beads UltraComp eBeads compensation beads OneComp eBeads compensation beads
Reactivity Human, rabbit, hamster, mouse, and rat antibodies with recognition of the kappa and lambda chains. Hamster, mouse, and rat antibodies with recognition of the kappa and lambda chains. Hamster, mouse, and rat antibodies with recognition of the kappa and lambda chains.
Laser compatibility Compatible with most standard lasers, UV to 633 nm. Improved for polymer dye use from violet laser. Compatible with most standard lasers, UV to 633 nm. Compatible with most standard lasers, not with UV or violet lasers.
Size 25 tests | 100 tests 25 tests | 100 tests 25 tests | 100 tests
Cat. No 01-3333-41 | 01-3333-42 01-2222-41 | 01-2222-42 01-1111-41 | 01-1111-42

UltraComp eBeads Plus microspheres

UltraComp eBeads Plus microspheres

Traditional compensation beads, when used on the violet laser, typically provide poor compensation values when incorporating the increasing number of violet-emitting fluorochromes. UltraComp eBeads Plus were developed to provide a reliably bright signal, resulting in greater accuracy when calculating spillover values.

Advantages of UltraComp eBeads Plus microspheres:

  • Optimized for the violet laser with added compensation resolution for Super Bright Polymer Dyes and Brilliant Violet Dyes (Figure 1)
  • Supplied in a single vial—one drop contains both antibody-coated positive and uncoated negative beads
  • Suitable for multiple species: human, rabbit, hamster, mouse, and rat (Figure 2)
  • Recognizes both kappa and lambda chains

Curious on how to use UltraComp eBeads and OneComp? Explore our protocols

Figure 1. Cells were isolated from human whole blood and resuspended in 1X PBS. Beads were vortexed for at least 30 seconds, and one drop of either UltraComp eBeads or UltraComp eBeads Plus was dispensed into a 5 ml Falcon round-bottom polystyrene tube with 1 x 106 cells. Various antibodies in the table shown below were added at 5 uL per sample or manufacturer’s recommended sample volume. Samples were incubated for 20 minutes, protected from light, then washed with 1X PBS + 1% BSA buffer. Each individually stained sample was run on the Attune NxT V6 flow cytometer. For compensation analysis, each file was imported into the FlowJo software, and matrices were generated for cells alone, UltraComp eBeads, or UltraComp eBeads Plus. Each compensation matrix was applied to the cell samples, and data plots were compared.

Marker Fluorophore Clone Isotype Cat. No.
CD4 PE RPA-T4 Mouse IgG1 12-0049-42
CD4 FITC RPA-T4 Mouse IgG1 11-0049-42
CD19 SB436 HIB19 Mouse IgG1 62-0199-42
CD8a SB780 HIB19 Mouse IgG1 78-0088-42
CD19 BV421 HIB19 Mouse IgG1 302233
CD4 BV786 RPA-T4 Mouse IgG1 300553


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