MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra Kit

A new generation of MagMAX Ultra with faster, simpler protocols

MagMAX Ultra kits and reagents use magnetic bead-based technology to purify high-quality DNA from a range of sample types. To help save time and increase reproducibility, combine with KingFisher instruments for automated DNA purification. 

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Purify gDNA from 96 samples in 45 minutes on KingFisher instruments by using a budget-friendly automatable purification process for blood and saliva with minimal touch time and superior yields. Ideal for genetic testing companies, or labs processing samples at a high volume.

  • Simple protocol—2 manual steps before loading plates onto the KingFisher instruments
  • Faster processing—96 samples in 40 minutes with 5 minutes hands-on time, 15 minute incubation, 25 minute run
  • Adjustable reagent volumes—Choose between 2 protocols depending on your input volume, no need to adjust reagent ratios
  • Budget-friendly—Purchase as 100 reaction kit or bulk reagents sold separately

Choose between two automated, magnetic bead-based DNA kits
  MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Kit
Optimized for blood, saliva, buffy coat, buccal swabs
MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra Kit
Covers range of sample types
  MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Kit MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra Kit
Sample volumes
  • Simple standard protocols for all samples
  • Small input = 50–400 µL in 96 well plates
  • Large input = 400 µL–2 mL in 24 well plates
  • Process wide-ranging sample input volumes with each protocol without normalization
  • Flexible input without reagent volume adjustments
  • 50 ul maximum sample input for 96 samples (96 well plates)
  • >50 µL–1 mL blood and saliva (24 well plates)
Elution volumes 50 µL–1 mL 50 µL–1 mL
Time per run
  • 45 minutes total—all steps on KingFisher instrument
  • 5 minutes hands-on time; 4 ready to go buffers for simple setup
  • 90 minutes total run time
  • 45 minutes hands-on and setup time; multi-components for pre-instrument processing and for automation
  • 12 samples per 45 minutes on Duo
  • 96 samples per 45 minutes on Flex
  • 12 samples for 90 minutes on Duo
  • 96 samples for 90 minutes on Flex (50 µL input only)
Purification PCR, NGS-ready purified gDNA PCR; NGS-ready gDNA
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