MagMAX gDNA Saliva Isolation Kit

MagMAX Saliva gDNA Isolation Kit is the fastest, most user-friendly saliva purification kit on the market. With minimal steps and an affordable price, so you can process more samples with consistent results.

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  • Fast—20 min total run time and only 5 min for sample processing (Figure 1)
  • Automation capability—designed for Thermo Scientific KingFisher instruments
  • Flexibility—96 samples per run for small volumes (200–500 mL) or 24 samples per run for large volumes (0.5–2 L)
  • Yield purity—high-quality purified gDNA compatible with microarray, PCR, and NGS downstream applications
  • Affordable—competitive low price per reaction

Figure 1. Fast processing time compared to competitor kits.