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An impressive combination of superior performance, advanced safety, and operational simplicity makes it easy to find the perfect heating equipment for your laboratory requirements. Our wide range of hotplates, stirrers, stirring hotplates, and related accessories will complete any laboratory's needs.

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Our uniform-heating hotplates deliver a host of capabilities that deliver reproducible results, including temperature stability, durability, and remote-control access for safety and convenience.

Able to reach 2400 rpm for larger applications, but with the reliability, safety, and performance for demanding cell culture applications, our stirrer portfolio will offer you a solution for all your laboratory needs.

From our most basic stirring design to explosion-proof stirring hotplates for hazardous applications, our stirring hotplates provide precise control and repeatability to meet your application needs.

Our wide range of stirrer control units and accessories will complement your hotplates and stirrers, helping to ensure you are properly equipped to get your stirrers set up quickly.

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Cimarec and SuperNuova Series hotplates, stirrers, and stirring hotplates deliver exceptional accuracy, reproducible results, and a safe design through intelligent StirTrac technology and the HOT TOP warning system.