TaqMan Assays for all your qPCR needs

Built on more than 20 years of experience, Applied Biosystems TaqMan Assays are designed to be sensitive, specific, and easy to use. Each assay includes your target primers and a sequence specific probe optimized for the best functional performance of your assay. No additional design, optimization, or melt analysis is needed. Available in a wide variety of formats and species, new assay designs are constantly added to meet all of your research needs. TaqMan Assays provide the reliability and performance required for all of your real-time PCR applications.

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Types of TaqMan Assays

TaqMan Gene Expression Assays and TaqMan Array Cards and Plates provide over 1.8 million pre-designed primer/probe sets covering more than 30 species.

Products for RNA discovery, profiling, quantitation, validation, and functional analysis.

For analysis of biologically important polymorphisms in drug metabolism.

Use real-time PCR for fast and easy identification and relative quantification of protein markers from limited quantities of cultured cells.

Choose from 4.5 million human and mouse Applied Biosystems TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays or design your own Custom TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays.

Competitive allele-specific Applied Biosystems TaqMan PCR (castPCR) technology detects and quantitates rare sequences in a background of common sequence.

Over 1.8 million pre-designed Applied Biosystems TaqMan Copy Number Assays with human, genome-wide coverage, and mouse and marker/reporter assays.

How to find the right TaqMan Gene Expression Assay

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to find the right TaqMan Gene Expression Assay for your research needs.

Flexible-content TaqMan Array cards and plates

Flexible-content TaqMan Array Cards and Plates are pre-designed assay layouts that use TaqMan Gene Expression Assays for a pathway, disease, or research focus area. These pre-designed panels are populated into a custom design tool and modified to include or exclude specific assays. This flexible format enables more precise control and simplified assay setup.
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Custom TaqMan Assay manufacturing & plating service

If your research application requires special manufacturing modifications—such as a different dye or assay volume, or you would like to have your assays plated in a specific way, our custom services can help.
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