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BioProbes Journal is a biannual publication that highlights a wide range of Thermo Scientific and Invitrogen cell biology products and applications. From new reagents and technologies to product reviews and online tools, we keep you up to date on the latest breakthroughs in cell and protein analysis.

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Immuno-oncology: Advances in basic research and translational medicine

People living with cancer are benefiting from recent advances in cancer immunotherapy research—a field of study that began more than a century ago. The overarching goal of these novel treatment approaches is to enhance or enable anti-tumor immune responses, to overcome tumor evasion mechanisms, and to promote conditions that favor immune protection. Immunotherapy may offer distinct advantages over standard treatment modalities. For example, tumor-specific immune cells have the ability to migrate to areas of the body that are inaccessible by surgery. Cells of the immune system may also target microscopic disease and disseminated metastases.

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Fluorescence SpectraViewer

Fluorescence SpectraViewer

Compare multiple dyes and design and select a combination of cell structure probes

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Molecular Probes Handbook

Comprehensive guide to fluorescent probes and labeling technologies