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BioProbes Journal is a biannual publication that highlights a wide range of Thermo Scientific and Invitrogen cell biology products and applications. From new reagents and technologies to product reviews and online tools, we keep you up to date on the latest breakthroughs in cell and protein analysis.

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HCA platforms for automated, quantitative analyses: Fueling discovery with high-content imaging and analysis

A wealth of information about a physiological process or pathological condition can be collected by monitoring the localization and abundance of specific proteins using fluorescence imaging. However, quantifying these essential processes through the capture and analysis of fluorescence imagery is both time consuming and laborious. With the advent of high-content analysis platforms that automate image capture and data analysis, these obstacles have been removed, affording researchers both the sample sizes and precise quantitation tools required for truly robust and reproducible research. Among the most cited in scientific articles, high-content analysis (HCA) instruments from Thermo Fisher Scientific—such as the CellInsight CX7 HCA platform—are the go-to choice for researchers requiring the resolution of microscopy with the statistical power inherent in a highly quantitative analysis of a large number of cells.

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