Microscopic view of 2 cells with orange cytoskeleton fluorescence and blue nuclei fluorescence

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers an array of imaging reagents and kits to detect cells undergoing apoptosis. Select from a wide variety of caspase activity assays, DNA fragmentation and TUNEL assays, annexin V staining reagents and mitochondrial assays.

Accurate apoptosis analysis in your imaging assays

Many different approaches are used in the study of programmed cell death, or apoptosis. Cell death cascades are complex and dynamic, underscoring the importance of a multi-parametric approach for accurate assessment. Understanding the mechanisms of cell death and survival can represent a critical aspect of toxicological profiling and drug discovery. See our range of imaging assays to detect apoptotic cells undergoing processes ranging from caspase activation to phosphatidylserine translocation.

fluorescence microscope image of green fluorescent apoptotic cells and red fluorescent dead cells

Annexin V staining is used to detect a hallmark of apoptosis, translocation of phosphatidylserine to the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane.

  • Alexa Fluor dyes for more sensitive assays
  • Multiple conjugates for multiplexing flexibility
  • Simple protocol and rapid assays
microscopic view of fibroblasts stained with blue fluorescent nuclear dye and green fluorescent cellevent caspase probe

Activation of caspase enzymes is a distinctive feature of apoptosis.

  • Real-time no wash assay for caspase activity
  • Multi-parameter assays for live and dead cells
cross section microscopic view of tissue stained with green, red and blue fluorescence

DNA fragmentation and chromatin condensation are observed changes during apoptosis.

  • TUNEL assays formatted for imaging and HCS
  • DNA stains in ready-to-use format
  • Compatible with multiplexed staining procedures
microscopic view of fibroblasts stained with blue, green and orange fluorescence

Disruption of mitochondria function is a distinguishing feature of apoptosis.

  • Real-time assays in live cells
  • Choice of physiological measurements
  • Fixable probes for multiplexing with immunodetection

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