Unique benefits
  • The QuantiGene™ Plex Assay provides direct-from-lysate measurement of 3 to 80 target RNAs per well with superior accuracy and precision.
  • Quantitatively measure multiple RNA targets simultaneously with high accuracy and precision
  • Quantitation of original RNA population directly from lysates avoids biases, sample loss, false positive/negative results associated with:
    • RNA isolation
    • cDNA synthesis
    • PCR amplification
  • High accuracy and precision using branch DNA (bDNA) signal amplification versus target amplification (PCR)
    • High precision—coefficient of variation (CV) of less than 15% for entire process (sample isolation to results)
    • High accuracy—distinguish percentage differences in RNA copy number—linear assay with low CVs
  • No optimization required for multiplexing 3 to 80 target RNAs
  • Excellent results in difficult clinical research samples, including, H&E-stained FFPE, blood, and skin

Accurate results in a variety of samples
  • Compatible with human, animal and plant tissues, FFPE tissue sections, whole blood, Tempus blood, PAXgene blood, cultured cells, isolated RNA and more

Validated panels
  • Each panel is functionally validated

  • Validation and testing of disease biomarkers (e.g., cancer, neurology, autoimmune disease)
  • Validation of microarray or sequencing results
  • Predictive toxicology
  • Secondary screening
  • Pathway analysis