Use precast agarose gels

Using precast DNA gels for amplicon analysis minimizes time-consuming and messy prep work and allows you to run gels up to twice as fast as conventional handcast gels. Our precast gels are available in a variety of agarose percentages, well formats, and throughput capacities to suit your application.


Pour your own agarose gels

When pouring your own agarose gels, choosing high-quality agarose, accurate DNA ladders, and high-sensitivity DNA stains can help you achieve optimal electrophoresis results.


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Nucleic acid electrophoresis is a common technique in the PCR workflow to separate, identify, quantify, and/or purify amplicons. Choosing the right tools for nucleic acid electrophoresis can significantly improve and accelerate results, enabling you to address downstream applications sooner.


Nucleic acid electrophoresis gels are currently obtained through two methods: purchasing a pre-cast gel, or pouring your ownLearn more about the benefits of each and how to make the right selection for your application.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.