Our DH5α™ competent cells are designed for general cloning & subcloning, and are available in various transformation efficiencies (from >106 to 109 cfu/µg) and packing formats. DH5α™ Cells are a well-known, versatile strain that can be used in many everyday cloning applications.

In addition to supporting blue/white screening, recA1 and endA1 mutations in DH5α™ Cells increase insert stability and improve the quality of plasmid DNA prepared from minipreps. DH5α™ Cells offer the following benefits:

  • A wide range of efficiencies from >106 to >109 cfu/µg
  • Greatly increased plasmid yield and quality due to endA1 mutation
  • Blue/white screening of recombinant clones due to lacZΔM15
  • Superior insert stability due to recA1 mutation