ProtoArray® Support —the power to discover

With the power to profile more than 9,000 interactions at once, our dedicated team of PhD-level scientists performs the assay and analysis, freeing you up to pursue the important questions.

What Our Services Team Provides
Our dedicated team of PhD-level scientists can produce the same reagents used for producing the ProtoArray® assay to support your validation studies.

Protein Production
Small-scale production and purification from the same clones that are printed on the ProtoArray® assay

Bacmid Clones
A sequence-identified pDEST 20 clone—this is the same clone that was used to generate proteins for the array

Baculovirus Clones
Small-scale, sequence-identified baculovirus stocks for protein production in your own facilities

Custom Array Printing
Focused arrays with your selected clones, or full-content catalog arrays containing additional proteins

Luminex® Validation Service
The ProtoArray® services team is developing a Luminex® validation service to support the biomarker discovery workflow. Please contact us at for more information.

FAQs: ProtoArray® Discovery Validation Support

What is the timeline for clone delivery?
4–6 weeks

What do I need to provide for small-scale protein production?
The lot number of the ProtoArray® assay and the location (block, column, row) of all proteins of interest, with clone ID numbers.