dna loading buffer

We offer a variety of gel loading buffers for easy loading and tracking of DNA samples during gel electrophoresis. Here, we highlight the loading buffers designed for use with agarose and polyacrylamide gels.

BlueJuice Gel Loading Buffer

  • All-purpose loading buffer for DNA
  • Compatible with agarose and native polyacrylamide gels

The BlueJuice Gel Loading Buffer is designed for easy loading and tracking of DNA samples in agarose gels, including E-Gel precast agarose gels or native polyacrylamide gels. BlueJuice buffer is supplied at 10X concentration. The recommended concentration for use with DNA samples on agarose gels is 2X (1 part buffer plus 4 parts sample), but any concentration may be used in agarose gels without affecting band appearance (except for bands that may be obscured by the bromophenol blue tracking dye). For acrylamide gels, the recommended concentration is 1X (one part buffer plus nine parts sample); using higher concentrations in native polyacrylamide gels may cause the bands to slightly “smile.”

TrackIt Loading Buffers

  • TrackIt Cyan/Orange Loading Buffer—for 10 bp to 1 Kb DNA fragments
  • TrackIt Cyan/Yellow Loading Buffer—for 100 bp to 10 Kb DNA fragments

TrackIt loading buffers are supplied at 6X concentration. They are designed for loading and tracking DNA samples in agarose gels, including E-Gel precast agarose gels. These loading buffers contain two tracking dyes, one that runs behind the sample and one that runs ahead of the sample. The tracking dyes serve as visual markers for migration during electrophoresis and indicate when maximum resolution of the DNA fragments has been achieved. Additionally, visualization of DNA bands will not be obscured by the tracking dyes because they run outside the migration pattern of most DNA samples. The TrackIt Cyan/Orange Loading Buffer contains xylene cyanol FF and orange G dyes, and the TrackIt Cyan/Yellow Loading Buffer contains xylene cyanol FF and tartrazine dyes.

E-Gel Sample Loading Buffer

The E-Gel Sample Loading Buffer is supplied as a ready to-use 1X solution, and is formulated specifically for maximum performance on E-Gel EX gels as well as other E-Gel precast gels. This buffer contains xylene cyanol FF and tartrazine dyes.


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