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Our oligonucleotides are made to your specifications, with rigorous quality control and quick turnaround for your PCR. Use our convenient ordering tools to get the oligos you need today.


Standard Oligos

Pay per base with 5′, internal, or 3′ modifications.

  • 25–50 nmol scale
  • Modifications
  • Standard or next-day delivery

Plate Oligos

One complete order with the same purification, synthesis scale, ship medium, and buffer.

  • 96- or 384-well plate format
  • Standard delivery

Value Oligos

One price (pay per oligo) with volume discounts.

  • 5–40 mers
  • 25–50 nmol scale
  • No modifications
  • Standard or next-day delivery

Need more information?

The tools above are designed to help you customize your oligos with standard deoxynucleotides, modified bases, 5'- and 3'- modified nucleotides, and are available in up to five quantities and four purity levels.


Our oligos are available in a range of synthesis scales, purification options, and modifications. Some applications demand different scales or purities to work well when it comes to custom DNA oligo synthesis. Learn more here about how to choose the best oligo configuration for your applications.


Additionally, we offer a broad range of development and analytical tools, collections of assays, and analytical and management software that allow researchers to fully analyze individual genes, complex genetic pathways, and whole genomes. View available tools here.