Protein Purification Lab Essentials

Keep your focus on the daily work of extracting, purifying, and cleaning up protein samples. Whether your workflows involve fundamental protein preparation, isolation, or purification, our products will work with a wide range of tissue/cell types and purification resins/formats.

Assorted products used in labs for desalting

Achieve outstanding protein recovery and efficient contaminant removal with Thermo Scientific Zeba desalting products. Our proprietary resins make the process fast and economical. Zeba products come in a wide range of configurations to meet your needs, including spin desalting columns, 96-well spin plates, and chromatography columns.

Protein extraction

Assorted products for preparing, isolating, and purifying proteins

Protein preparation, isolation, and purification products

Obtaining high quality protein samples for analysis requires careful and precise protein extraction from cellular materials. Whether you’re using mechanical or detergent-based extraction workflows, our products are designed to help maintain the integrity of the proteins by preventing degradation and destabilization during this disruptive process.

Protease and phosphatase inhibition

Inhibitor cocktails, tablets and capsules

Protect proteins with these protease and phosphatase inhibition products

Your work involves extracting proteins or preparing lysates from all kinds of tissue and cell samples: primary cells, cultured mammalian cells, animal or plant tissues, or yeast/bacterial cells. Our protease and phosphatase inhibitors make this work effective and convenient, with your choice of cocktails, tablets, and capsules. We even have protease and phosphatase inhibitors combined in cocktails and tablets.

Protein cleanup

Assorted dialysis cassettes, flasks, and plates

Protein dialysis products

Find all the right devices, consumables, and accessories for trouble-free dialysis of sample volumes from 10 μL to 250 mL. They’re designed to help minimize protein sample loss and are ergonomically designed, secured, and tested to help prevent leakage. Choose from microdialysis plates, MINI dialysis devices, dialysis cassettes, and dialysis flasks.

Protein concentrator centrifugal devices

Protein concentrators

Perform protein concentration, desalting, and buffer exchange with Thermo Scientific Pierce concentrators. Our disposable ultrafiltration centrifugal devices have a polyethersulfone (PES) membrane, and they come in four sizes with a range of molecular weight cutoffs. They’re compatible with standard centrifuges and are designed for rapid processing, high recovery, and simple, convenient handling.

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