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Achieve productivity and compliance with one software platform. As an integral part of your laboratory's IT structure, the latest Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3 Chromatography Data System (CDS) is vital for compliant, efficient, and reliable handling of today’s chromatography and mass spectrometry data. It ensures data quality and manages all the analytical processes from instrument control, to raw data storage and processing, right through to generating the final results.

Chromeleon 7.3 CDS supports your chromatography and mass spectrometry operations throughout your business − from research to routine quality testing − connecting people, instruments, and enterprise data management software. It is known for its 'right first time' lab productivity tools, delivering proven productivity gains and comprehensive compliance. As a WAN-optimized, full enterprise solution, it's also designed to scale globally and provide strong, reliable return-on-investment. It's the bottom-line decision your lab will love you for.

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A networked or enterprise chromatography data system is a vital partner for compliant, efficient and reliable data management and operation of any modern chromatography laboratory. Delivering these capabilities across a network brings a unique set of challenges, which Chromeleon CDS has been designed and optimized to overcome...

With the ever-evolving emphasis on data security, data integrity, and compliance, it’s of vital importance that your CDS provides comprehensive preventive and detection technical controls. This enables you to meet the latest regulatory requirements and ensure the highest levels of data quality.

Streamlining the laboratory using one centrally implemented CDS for both chromatography and quantitative MS workflows can result in considerable efficiency gains. Chromeleon CDS is built to simplify your workflows, giving you superior insights into your data, delivering ease of use, automated data analysis and flexible reporting.

Integrated network control of Mass Spectrometry instruments for quantitative mass spectrometry workflows for all separation techniques and MS variants improves efficiency, data security and compliance.

Chromeleon CDS is the only software providing full control of all chromatography instrumentation from Thermo Fisher Scientific alongside an industry-leading range of other vendors equipment, all using the same intuitive user interface, providing ease of use and data security.

A fully searchable analytical methods repository for LC, GC, IC applications. Download instrument and quantitation methods, as well as full eWorkflows with a few simple clicks. The fast way to get productive for novices and experts.

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