Useful information for various sizes of cell culture dishes and flasks

There are various sizes of dishes and flasks used for cell culture. Some useful numbers such as surface area and volumes of dissociation solutions are given below for various size culture vessels.

 Catalog No.Surface area (cm2)Seeding density*Cells at confluency*Versene
(mL of 0.05% EDTA). Approx. volume
(mL of 0.05% trypsin, 0.53 mM EDTA). Approx. volume
Growth medium
(mL). Approx. volume
35mm150460;1503188.80.3 x 1061.2 x 106112
60mm150462;15028821.50.8 x 1063.2 x 106335
100mm150464;15035056.72.2 x 1068.8 x 1065512
150mm150468;1683811455.0 x 10620.0 x 106101030
Culture plates
6-well1406759.60.3 x 1061.2 x 106111 to 3
12-well1506283.50.1 x 1060.5 x 1060.4 to 10.4 to 11 to 2
24-well1424751.90.05 x 1060.24 x 1060.2 to 0.30.2 to 0.30.5 to 1.0
48-well1506871.10.03 x 1060.12 x 1060.1 to 0.20.1 to 0.20.2 to 0.4
96-well1670080.320.01 1060.04 x 1060.05 to 0.10.05 to 0.10.1 to 0.2
T-25156367;156340250.7 x 1062.8 x 106333–5
T-75156499;156472752.1 x 1068.4 x 106558–15
T-175159910;1599201754.9 x 10623.3 x 106171735–53
T-225159934;1599332256.3 x 10630 x 106222245–68
*Seeding density is given for each culture vessel type as follows: Dishes and Flasks: Cells per vessel; Culture plates: Cells per well.

†The number of cells on a confluent plate, dish, or flask will vary with cell type. For this table, HeLa cells were used.

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