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Membrane Receptors and Associated Proteins

Gene Symbol
CAV1 (Caveolin-1)FYNITGAE (CD103)ITGB2 (CD18)
CAV2 (Caveolin-2)IGF1RITGAL (CD11a)ITGB3 (CD61)

Structural Proteins

Gene Symbol
ACTA1 (Actin α1)DESKRT19 (Keratin 19)NF2 (Merlin)
ACTA2 (Actin α2)DNM1 (Dynamin)LMNA (Lamin A)TLN (Talin)
ACTB (Actin β)FLNC (Filamin C)LMNB1 (Lamin B1)TUBA1A (Tubulin)
ACTG1 (Actin γ2)KRT4 (Keratin 4)LMNB2 (Lamin B2)VCL (Vinculin)
ACTN4 (α-Actinin)KRT5 (Keratin 5)MAPRE1 (EB1)VIM (Vimentin)
CFL1 (Cofilin)KRT6B (Keratin 6B)NEFH (Neurofilament H) 
CTTN (Cortactin)KRT14 (Keratin 14)NEFL (Neurofilament L) 
DCX (Doublecortin)KRT18 (Keratin 18)NEFM (Neurofilament M)