Antibodies for multicolor flow cytometry, functional assays and immunohistochemistry

Invitrogen eBioscience human antibodies are available conjugated to a variety of fluorophores to enable multicolor flow cytometry, functional assays, and immunohistochemistry applications. Additional antibodies to other human antigens including novel cell-surface molecules are in our pipeline.


Human CD cellular antigens

CD1aT649kDIgSF, MHC-likecortical thymocytes, Langerhans cells, DCantigen presentation, with beta2m
CD1bT645kDIgSF, MHC-likecortical thymocytes, Langerhans cells, DCantigen presentation, with beta2m
CD1cT643kDIgSF, MHC-likecortical thymocytes, Langerhans cells, DC, B subsetantigen presentation, with beta2m
CD1d 49kDIgSF, MHC-likeintestinal epith, B subset, monolow, DCantigen presentation, with beta2m
CD1e 28kDIgSF, MHC-likeDCantigen presentation, with beta2m
CD2T11, LFA-2, SRBC-R50kDIgSFthymocytes, T, NKCD58 ligand, adhesion, T cell activation
CD2RT11-350kDIgSFTactactivation-dependent form of CD2
CD3 gamma, CD3 deltaT3 IgSFT, thymocyte subsetwith TCR, TCR surface expression / signal transduction
CD3 epsilonT320kDIgSFT, thymocyte subsetwith TCR, TCR surface expression / signal transduction
CD4T455kDIgSFthymocyte subset, T subset, mono, macMHC class II coreceptor, HIV receptor, T cell differentiation / activation
CD5T1, Tp6767kDScavenger R SFthymocytes, T, B subset, B-CLLCD72 receptor, TCR or BCR signaling, T-B interaction
CD6T12100-130kDScavenger R SFthymocytes, T, B subsetCD166 receptor, T cell differentiation / costimulation
CD7 40kDIgSFhematopoietic progenitors, thymocytes, T, NKT costimulation
CD8aT8, Leu-232-34kDIgSFthymocyte subset, T subset, NKMHC class I coreceptor, receptor for some mutated HIV-1, T cell differentiation / activation
CD8b 30-32kDIgSFthymocyte subset, T subset 
CD9p24, MRP-122-27kDTM4SFpre-B, eosinophils, basophils, platelets, Tactcellular adhesion and migration
CD10CALLA, NEP, gp100100kDtype II TMB precursors, T precursors, neutrophilszinc-binding metalloproteinase, B cell development
CD11aLFA-1, integrin alphaL180kDIntegrin familylymph, gran, mono, macCD11a / CD18 receptor for ICAM-1, -2,-3, intercellular adhesion, T costimulation
CD11bMac-1, integrin alphaM170kDIntegrin familymyeloid cells, NKbinds CD54, ECM, iC3b
CD11cp150, 95, CR4, integrin alphaX150kDIntegrin familyDC, myeloid cells, NK, B, T subsetbinds CD54, fibrinogen and iC3b
CD12 90-120kD mono, gran, platelets 
CD13Aminopeptidase N, APN150-170kDtype II TMmyeloid cellszinc-binding metalloproteinase, antigen processing, receptor for corona virus strains
CD14LPS-R53-55kDGPI-linkedmono, mac, Langerhans cells, granlowreceptor for LPS/LBP, LPS recognition
CD15Lewis-x, Lex CHOneutrophils, eosinophils, monoadhesion
CD15sSialyl Lewis X CHOneutrophils, eosinophils, mono, memory helper T, Tact and B, NK, HEVCD62L and CD62P ligand, adhesion
CD15uSulfated Lewis X CHOmyeloid subsetadhesion
CD16aFcgammaRIIIA50-65kDIgSFneutrophils, mac, NKcomponent of low affinity Fc receptor, phagocytosis and ADCC
CD16bFcgammaRIIIB48kDIgSFneutrophilscomponent of low affinity Fc receptor, phagocytosis and ADCC
CD17   neutrophils, mono, plateletslactosyl ceramide
CD18Integrin beta295kDIntegrin familybroad, all leukocyteswith CD11a, b & c, adhesion
CD19B495kDIgSFB, FDCcomplex with CD21 and CD81, BCR coreceptor, B cell activation / differentiation
CD20B1, Bp3533-37kDTM4SFB, T subsetB cell activation
CD21C3DR, CR2, EBV-R145,110kDCCRSFB, FDC, T subsetcomplement C3d and EBV receptor, complex with CD19 and CD81, BCR coreceptor
CD22BL-CAM, Siglec-2150kDIgSF, sialoadhesinsBadhesion, B-mono, B-T interactions
CD23FcepsilonRII45kDC-type lectinB, activated mac, eosinophils, FDC, plateletsCD19-CD21-CD81 receptor, IgE low affinity receptor, signal transduction
CD24BA-135-45kDGPI-linkedthymocytes, erythrocytes, peripheral lymph, myeloidbinds P-selectin
CD25Tac, p5555kDtype I TMTact, Bact, lymph progenitorsIL-2Ralpha, with IL-2Rbeta and gamma to form high affinity complex
CD26DPP IV110kDtype II TMthymocyte subset, Tact, soluble formdipeptidyl peptidase, T costimulation, HIV entry
CD27T1450-55kDTNFRSFmedullary thymocytes, T, B subset, NK subsetCD70 receptor, T costimulation
CD28Tp44, T4444kDIgSFmost T, thymocytes, plasma cellsCD80, CD86 receptor, T costimulation
CD29Integrin beta1130kDIntegrin familylymph, mono, granlow, platelets, mast cells, fibroblasts, endothwith CD49a (VLA-1) receptor for VCAM-1, MAdCAM-1 and ECM
CD30Ki-1105-120kDTNFRSFBact, T and NK , Reed-Sternberg cells, anaplastic large cell lymphomaCD153 receptor, lymph proliferation / apoptosis
CD31PECAM-1130-140kDIgSFmono, platelets, gran, endoth, lymph subsetCD38 receptor, adhesion
CD32FcgammaRII40kDIgSFmono, gran, B, plateletslow affinity Fc receptor for aggregated Ig and immune complexes
CD33p67, Siglec-367kDIgSF, sialoadhesinsmyeloid progenitors, mono, gran, DC, mast cells, Tactadhesion
CD34 105-120kDSialomucin, type I TMhematopoietic precursors, capillary endoth, embryonic fibroblastsstem cell marker, adhesion, CD62L receptor
CD35CR1250kDCCRSFerythrocytes, B, mono, neutrophils, eosinophils, FDC, T subsetcomplement receptor 1, binds C3b and C4b, adhesion, phagocytosis
CD36GPIV88kD platelets, mono, mac, endoth, early erythrocytesECM receptor, adhesion, phagocytosis
CD37 40-52kDTM4SFB, Tlow, granlowsignal transduction
CD38T1045kD variable levels on majority of hematopoietic cells, high expression on plasma cells, B and Tactecto-ADP-ribosyl cyclase, cell activation
CD39 78kDNK, mac, Langerhans cells, DC, BactB cell adhesion, protects activated cells from lysis, ecto-apyrase 
CD40 48kDTNFRSFB, mono, mac, FDC, endoth, T subsetCD154 receptor, B differentiation / costimulation, isotype-switching, rescues B cells from apoptosis
CD41gpIIb125/22kDIntegrin familyplatelets, megakaryocyteswith CD61 forms GPIIb, binds fibrinogen, fibronectin, vWF, thrombospondin, platelet activation and aggregation
CD42aGPIX22kDLRRFplatelets, megakaryocytescomplex with CD42b, c and d, receptor for vWF and thrombin, platelet adhesion to subendothelial matrices
CD42bGPIba145kDLRRFplatelets, megakaryocytescomplex with CD42a, c and d, binds to vWF and thrombin, platelet adhesion / activation
CD42cGPIbb24kDLRRFplatelets, megakaryocytescomplex with CD42a, b, d
CD42dGPV82kDLRRFplatelets, megakaryocytescomplex with CD42a-c
CD43Leukosialin, sialophorin115-135kDSialomucin, type I TMleukocytes, except resting B, plateletslowinhibition of T cell interaction, CD54R, adhesion
CD44H-CAM, Pgp-180-95kDhyaladherin familyhematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cells, except platelets, hepatocytes, testisbinds hyaluronic acid, adhesion
CD44v  CD44 variants heterogeneous expression, constitutively on epith, mono, upregulated on activated leukocytesadhesion, metastasis
CD45LCA, T200, B220180-240kD hematopoietic cells, multiple isoforms from alternative splicingtyrosine phosphatase, enhanced TCR & BCR signals
CD45RA 205-220kD B, T subset(naive), monoexon A isoforms of CD45
CD45RB 190-220kD T subset, B, mono, mac, granexon B isoforms of CD45
CD45RO 180kD Tact, memory T, B subset, mono, mac, granisoform of CD45 lacking A, B, C exons
CD46MCP56/66kDCCRSFnucleated cellsmembrane cofactor protein, binds C3b & C4b allowing degradation by Factor I, measles virus receptor
CD47IAP47-52kDIgSFhematopoietic cells, epith, endoth, fibroblasts, other tissuesleukocyte adhesion, migration, activation
CD47R   New designation for CDw149, similar distribution as CD47 but dimmer 
CD48Blast-145kDIgSFbroad, all leukocytescell adhesion
CD49aVLA-1210kDIntegrin familyTact, monointegrin alpha1, adhesion, CD49a/CD29 binds collagen and laminin
CD49bVLA-2165kDIntegrin familyB, mono, platelets, Tact, megakaryocytesintegrin alpha2, adhesion, CD49b / CD29 binds collagen and laminin
CD49cVLA-3125kDIntegrin familyB and Tlow, most adhesive cell linesintegrin alpha3, adhesion, CD49c/CD29 binds laminin, fibronectin and collagen
CD49dVLA-4150kDIntegrin familyT, B, NK, thymocytes, mono, eosinophils, mast, DCintegrin alpha4, adhesion, CD49d/CD29 binds fibronectin, VCAM-1 & MAdCAM-1
CD49eVLA-5135, 25kDIntegrin familythymocytes, T, mono, platelets, early and Bactintegrin alpha5, adhesion, CD49e/CD29 binds fibronectin
CD49fVLA-6125kDIntegrin familymemory T, thymocytes, mono, platelets, megakaryocytes, epithintegrin alpha6, adhesion, CD49f / CD29 binds laminin
CD50ICAM-3110-120kDIgSFhematopoietic, endoth, epidermal Langerhans cellsadhesion, costimulation
CD51Vitronectin receptor125, 24kDIntegrin familyplateletslow, endoth, osteoblasts, melanomasintegrin alphav, adhesion, CD51 / CD61 binds vitronectin, vWF, fibrinogen and thrombospondin
CD52CAMPATH-121-28kD thymocytes, T, B (not plasma cells), mono, mac 
CD53 35-42kDTM4SFleukocytes, DC, osteoblasts, osteoclastssignal transduction
CD54ICAM-190-110kDIgSFendoth, mono, lymph (high upon activation)receptor for CD11a / CD18 (LFA-1), CD11b/CD18 (Mac-1) and rhinovirus
CD55DAF60-70kDGPI-linkedhematopoietic, endothbinds C3b, complement regulation
CD56NCAM175-185kDIgSFNK, T subset, neurons, some large granular lymphocyte leukemias, myeloid leukemiasadhesion
CD57HNK-1, Leu-7110kD NK subset, T subset 
CD58LFA-355-70kDIgSFhematopoietic, non-hematopoietic cellsCD2 receptor, adhesion
CD59Protectin, MAC- inhibitor19kDGPI-linkedhematopoietic, non-hematopoietic cellsbinds complement C8 and C9, blocks assembly of membrane attack complex
CD60aGD3 CHOT subset, platelets, thymic epith, astrocytescostimulation
CD60b9-O-sialyl GD3 CHOT subset, Bact 
CD60c7-O-sialyl GD3 CHOT subset 
CD61GPIIIa105kDIntegrin familyplatelets, megakaryocytes, mac, endothintegrin beta3, adhesion, CD41/CD61 or CD51 / CD61 mediate adhesion to ECM
CD62EE-selectin, ELAM-197,107-115kDSelectin familyendothbinds CD15s, cell rolling, metastasis
CD62LL-selectin, LECAM-174, 95kDSelectin familyB, naïve and memory T, mono, gran, NK, thymocytesCD34, GlyCAM, and MAdCAM-1 receptor, leukocyte homing, tethering, rolling
CD62PP-selectin, PADGEM140kDSelectin familyactivated platelets, endothCD162, CD15s receptor, adhesion, neutrophil rolling, platelet-neutrophil and platelet-mono interactions
CD63LIMP, LAMP-353kDTM4SFactivated platelets, mono, maclysosomal membrane protein, moves to cell surface after activation
CD64FcgammaRI72kDIgSFmono, mac, DC, Interferon or G-CSF activated granhigh affinity receptor for IgG, phagocytosis and ADCC
CD65   gran, mono subset, myeloid leukemias 
CD65sVIM2  gran, mono, myeloid leukemiasphagocytosis
CD66aBGP-1, NCA-160160-180kDIgSF, CEA familyneutrophils, epithcell adhesion
CD66bCD67, CGM695-100kDIgSF, CEA familygrancell adhesion, neutrophil activation
CD66cNCA90kDIgSF, CEA familyneutrophils, colon carcinomacell adhesion
CD66dCGM135kDIgSF, CEA familyneutrophils 
CD66eCEA180-200kDIgSF, CEA familycolon epith, colon cancercell adhesion
CD66fPSG, Sp-154-72kDIgSF, CEA familypregnancy specific glycoprotein, placental syncytiotrophoblasts, fetal liverimmune regulation, protects fetus from maternal immune system
CD68Macrosialin, gp110110kDSialomucinintracellularly in mono, mac, neutrophils, basophils, large lymph, mast cells, DC, myeloid progenitors, liver 
CD69AIM28, 32kDC-type lectinTact, B, NK and gran, thymocytes, platelets, Langerhans cellssignal transduction
CD70Ki-2450, 70, 90, 160kDTNFSFBact and TactCD27 ligand, T and B cell costimulation
CD71T995kD proliferating cells, reticulocytes, erythroid precursorstransferrin receptor, iron uptake
CD72Lyb-242kDC-type lectinB, FDCCD5, CD100 receptor, B proliferation
CD73 69kDGPI-linkedB subset, T subset, FDC, epithecto-5’-nucleotidase, nucleoside uptake, T costimulation, lymph adhesion
CD74Ii, invariant chain33, 35, 41, 43kD B, mac, mono, Langerhans cells, DC, TactMHC class II traffic and function
CD75  CHO Sialoglycan familyB subset, epithlactosamines
CD75s  CHO Sialoglycan familyB subset, T subsetalpha-2,6-sialylated lactosamines (previously CDw75 and CDw76)
CD77Gb3, Pk blood group  germinal center B, Burkitt’s lymphomashigh, follicular lymphomaslowapoptosis
CD79aIga33, 45kDIgSFBcomponent of BCR, BCR surface expression and signal transduction
CD79bIgb37kDIgSFBcomponent of BCR, BCR surface expression and signal transduction
CD80B7, B7-1, BB160kDIgSFBact and Tact, mac, DCbinds to CD28, CD152, T costimulation
CD81TAPA-126kDTM4SFT, B, NK, thymocytes, DC, endoth, fibroblast, neuroblastomas, melanomascomplex with CD19 & CD21, signaling, T costimulation
CD82R250-53kDTM4SFleukocytessignal transduction
CD83HB1543kDIgSFBact and Tact, DC, Langerhans cells 
CDw84 73kD mono, platelets, B, T subset, mac subset 
CD85 110kDIgSF, ILT/LIR familyDC, mono, B, NK, T subsetinhibition of NK, T cell cytolytic function
CD86B70, B7-280kDIgSFmono, DC, Bact and Tactbinds to CD28, CD152, T costimulation
CD87UPA-R39-66kDGPI-linkedgran, mono, NK, Tact, endoth, fibroblastsurokinase plasminogen activator receptor, inflammatory cell invasion, metastasis
CD88C5aR40kDTM7SFgran, mono, DCC5a receptor, granulocyte activation
CD89FcalphaR55-75kDIgSFmono, mac, gran, neutrophils, B subset, T subsetIgA receptor, phagocytosis, degranulation, respiratory burst
CD90Thy-125-35kDIgSF, GPI-linkedCD34+ hematopoietic subset, neuronshematopoietic stem cell and neuron differentiation
CD91 600kDLDLR familymono, mac, neurons, fibroblastsreceptor for alpha-2-macroglobulin
CD92 70kD neutrophils, mono, platelets, endoth, fibroblasts 
CD93 120kD neutrophils, mono, endoth 
CD94KP4343kDC-type lectinNK, T subsetcomplex with NKG2, inhibits NK function
CD95Apo-1, Fas45kDTNFRSFlymph (high upon activation), mono, neutrophilsFasL (CD178) receptor, apoptosis
CD96TACTILE160kDIgSFNK, Tactadhesion of activated T and NK
CD97 74, 80, 90kDTM7SFBact and Tact, mono, gran 
CD984F280, 40kD T, B, NK, gran, all human cell linescellular activation
CD99MIC2, E232kD leukocytesT cell activation, adhesion
CD99RE232kD T, NK, myeloid cellsisoform of CD99
CD100 150kD hematopoietic cells except immature bone marrow cells, RBC and plateletscell adhesion, cellular activation
CD101V7, p126120kDIgSFmono, gran, DC, TactT cell activation
CD102ICAM-255-65kDIgSFlymph, mono, platelets, endothbinds CD11a / CD18, costimulation
CD103HML-1, alpha6, integrin alphaE150, 25kDIntegrin familyintraepithelial lymph, lymph subset, activated lymphwith integrin beta7, binds E-cadherin, lymph homing/retention
CD104beta4 integrin220kDIntegrin familyepith, Schwann cells, keratinocytes, some tumor cellswith integrin alpha6 (CD49f), cell adhesion, differentiation, metastasis
CD105Endoglin95kDhomodimerendoth, bone marrow subset, activated maccellular response to TGF-beta1
CD106VCAM-1110kDIgSFactivated endoth, FDCVLA-4 (CD49d / CD29) receptor, leukocyte adhesion, migration, costimulation
CD107aLAMP-1110kD activated platelets, T, endoth, metastatic tumorsa lysosomal membrane protein
CD107bLAMP-2120kD activated platelets, T, endoth, metastatic tumorsa lysosomal membrane protein
CD108 80kD erythrocytes, lymphoblasts, resting lymphlow 
CD109 170kD Tact and platelets, CD34+ subset, endoth 
CD110MPL, TPO-R82-84kDCRSFmegakaryocytes, platelets, some CD34+ stem cellslowthrombopoietin receptor, megakaryocyte progenitor cell growth / differentiation
CD111PRR1, Nectin-164-72kDIgSFstem cell subset, mac, neutrophils 
CD112PRR2, Nectin-264-72kDIgSFmono, neutrophils, CD34+ subset, megakaryocytes, endoth, epithintercellular adhesion
CD113PVRL3, Nectin383kDIgSFtestis, placentaadhesion molecule that interacts with afadin
CD114G-CSFR95, 139kDCRSFmyeloid progenitors, endothmyeloid differentiation / proliferation
CD115M-CSFR, c-fms150kDIgSF, RTK familymono, mac, monocytic progenitorsCSF-1R, monocytic differentiation / proliferation
CD116GM-CSFRalpha70-85kDCRSFmono, gran, DC, endothwith common beta, myeloid differentiation / proliferation
CD117c-kit, SCFR145kDIgSF, RTK familyhematopoietic progenitors, mast cellsSCF receptor, hematopoietic progenitor development / differentiation
CD118LIFR, gp190190kDType I CRSF & secreted formsepithelial cells in adult and embryomembrane-bound involved in signal transduction, soluble form inhibits activity of LIF
CD119IFNgammaR90-100kD mac, mono, B, T, NK, neutrophils, endothIFN-gamma Ralpha, with IFN-gamma AF-1, host defense
CD120aTNFR-I50-60kDTNFRSFhematopoietic, non-hematopoietic cellsreceptor for both TNF-alpha and TNF-beta
CD120bTNFR-II75-85kDTNFRSFhematopoietic, non-hematopoietic cellsreceptor for both TNF-alpha and TNF-beta
CD121aIL-1R type I80kDIgSFdimly expressed on many cellsbinds IL-1alpha and IL-1beta, IL-1 signaling
CD121bIL-1R, type II60-70kDIgSFB, mac, mono, T subsetbinds IL-1alpha and IL-1beta, negative signals
CD122IL-2Rbeta75kDCRSFNK, T, B, monoIL-2Rbeta and IL-15Rbeta, signal transduction
CD123IL-3R70kDCRSFlymph subset, basophils, hematopoietic progenitors, mac, DC, megakaryocytesIL-3Ralpha, with CDw131
CD124IL-4R140kDCRSFlymphlow, mono, hematopoietic precursors, fibroblast, epithIL-4Ralpha, with CD132 or IL-13Ralpha, T cell growth / differentiation
CD125IL-5R60kDCRSFeosinophils, basophilsIL-5Ralpha, with CDw131
CD126IL-6R80kDIgSF, CRSFBact and plasma cells, most leukocyteslow, fibroblastsIL-6Ralpha, with CD130
CD127IL-7R65-75kDCRSFT, pro-BIL-7Ralpha, with CD132, B and T cell development
CD128see CD181 & CD182    
CD130IL-6Rbeta, gp130130kDCRSFBact and plasma cells, most leukocyteslow, endothIL-6Rbeta, IL-6, IL-11, LIF, CNF signals
CD131IL-3R common beta95-120kDCRSFmono, gran, early Bwith alpha subunits of IL-3R, IL-5R, and GM-CSFR, signal transduction
CD132Common gamma64kDCRSFT, B, NK, mono, gransubunit of IL-2R, IL-4R, IL-7R, IL-9R, and IL-15R, signal transduction
CD133AC133, prominin-like 1120kDTM5SFhematopoietic stem cell subset, epith, endoth 
CD134OX-4048-50kDTNFRSFTactT cell activation, differentiation, apoptosis
CD135Flt3/Flk2130-150kDRTK familymyelomonocytic, primitive B progenitorstyrosine kinase, binds FLT3 ligand, early lymph development
CD136MSP-R, RON180kDRTK familyepith, CNS, PNS, hematopoietic subsetmigration, morphological change and proliferation of different target cells
CD1374-1BB30kDTNFRSFTactT costimulation
CD138Syndecan-180-150kDSyndecan familyplasma cells, pre-B, basolateral surface of epith, neuronsreceptor for ECM, cell morphology
CD139 228kD B, mono, gran, erythrocyteslow 
CD140aPDGFRalpha180kDRTK familyfibroblasts, smooth muscle & glial cells, chondrocytesbinds PDGF A and B
CD140bPDGFRbeta180kDRTK familyfibroblasts, smooth muscle & glial cells, chondrocytesbinds PDGF B
CD141Thrombomodulin100kDC-type lectinmono, neutrophils, endoth, smooth muscle cellsinitiation of protein C anticoagulant signal
CD142Tissue Factor45kD mono, endoth, keratinocytes, epithbinds clotting factor VIIa, initiator of clotting
CD143ACE170kD endoth, epith, neurons, fibroblasts, activated macangiotensin converting enzyme, angiotensin II & bradykinin metabolism
CD144VE-Cadherin, Cadherin-5130kDCadherin familyendothadhesion, cell-cell interaction
CD145 110, 90kD endoth, some stromal cells 
CD146MUC18, S-endo113-118kDIgSFendoth, melanomas, FDC, Tactadhesion
CD147Neurothelin, basoglin IgSFleukocytes, erythrocytes, platelets, endothadhesion
CD148HPTP-eta240-260kD gran, mono, DC, T (high upon activation)tyrosine phosphatase R Type III
CD150SLAM75-95kDIgSFT subset (high upon activation), B, DC, endothcostimulation, proliferation, Ig production, measles virus receptor
CD151PETA-332kD endoth, megakaryocytes, platelets, epithcell adhesion
CD152CTLA-433kDIgSFTact and BCD80 and CD86 receptor, negative regulation of T cell costimulation
CD153CD30L40kDTNFSFneutrophils, B, Tact and macCD30 ligand, T costimulation
CD154CD40L, gp39, TRAP32-39kDTNFSFTactCD40 ligand, B and DC costimulation
CD155PVR80-90kDIgSFmono, mac, CD34+ thymocytesPolio virus receptor (PVR)
CD156aADAM869kD neutrophils, monoleukocyte extravasation
CD156bTACE / ADAM 17100kD broadcleaves membrane proteins (TNF, TGFalpha) to generate soluble forms
CD156cADAM1098kDPeptidase M12B familylymphoid organs, peripheral blood leukocyte, cartilage, chondrocytes and fetal liverproteolytic cleavage of cell-surface molecules including Notch, TNF-alpha, APP and ephrin-A2
CD157BST-142-45kD gran, mono, B progenitors, endothADP-ribosyl-cyclic ADP-ribose hydrolase activities, pre-B cell growth
CD158ap58.150-58kDIgSF, KIR familyNK subset, T subsetinhibition of NK cell cytolytic activity, MHC class-I specific NK receptor
CD158bp58.250-58kDIgSF, KIR familyNK subset, T subsetinhibition of NK cell cytolytic activity, MHC class-I specific NK receptor
CD159aNKG2A43kD T subset, NKwith CD94, NK cell receptor
CD159cNKG2C40kDType II C-Type LectinNKwith MHC class I HLA-E molecules, forms heterodimer with CD94
CD160BY5527kDIgSFNK subset, T subsetcostimulation
CD161NKR-P1A40kDC-type lectinT subset, NKNK cell-mediated cytotoxicity
CD162PSGL-1120kDMucin familymono, gran, most lymphCD62P, CD62L ligand, adhesion, rolling
CD162RPEN-5 CHONK subset 
CD163130kD Scavenger receptor SFmono, mac 
CD164MGC-2480kDepith, mono, lymphlow, bone marrow stromal cells, CD34+ erythroid progenitorshematopoietic progenitor cell-stromal cell interaction 
CD165AD2, gp3742kDlymph subset, mono, immature thymocytes, plateletsadhesion, thymocyte-thymic epith interaction 
CD166ALCAM105kDIgSFneurons, mono, epith, fibroblasts, TactCD6 ligand, adhesion
CD167aDDR1120kDRTK familyepith, myoblaststyrosine kinase, adhesion to collagen
CD168RHAMM84-88kD mono, T subset, thymocyte subset, intracellularly in breast cancer cellsadhesion, tumor migration, metastasis
CD169sialoadhesin, Siglec-1185kDIgSF, sialoadhesinstissue mac subsetadhesion, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, binds CD227 on breast cancer cells and CD43 on T cells
CD170Siglec-5, CD33-like2140kDIgSF, sialoadhesinsMac subset, neutrophilsadhesion
CD171L1200-210kDIgSFCNS, PNS, glial cells, mono, T subset, B, DC, several human tumor cellskidney morphogenesis, lymph node architecture, T costimulation, neurohistogenesis, homotypic interaction, binds CD9, CD24, CD56, CD142, CD166, integrins
CD172aSIRPgamma110kD mono, T subset, stem cellsadhesion, complex with CD47
CD172bSIRPbeta, SIRB150kDIgSFmono and DCnegative regulation of RTK-coupled signaling
CD172gSIRPgamma, SIRPB245-50kDIgSF, ASVmRNA: liver and at lower levels in many tissuesbinds CD47
CD173Blood group H type 2 CHOerythrocytes, stem cell subset, platelets 
CD174Lewis Y CHOstem cells subset, epith 
CD175Tn CHOstem cells subset 
CD175sSialyl-Tn CHOerythroblasts 
CD176Thomson Friedrenreich Ag CHOstem cell subset 
CD177NB156-62kD neutrophil subset 
CD178FasL, CD95L38-42kDTNFSFTact, testisCD95 ligand, apoptosis, immune privilege, soluble form in serum
CD179aV pre B16-18kDIgSFPro- and Pre-BB cell differentiation / signaling, with IgM
CD179bLambda 522kDIgSFPro- and Pre-BB cell differentiation / signaling, with IgM
CD180RP-10595-105kDLRRF, TLR familyB subset, mono, DCB cell activation, LPS signaling, with MD-1
CD181CXCR1, IL-8RA39kDGPCR1 familyneutrophils, basophils, NK, T subset, monobinding of IL-8 induces chemotaxis of neutrophils
CD182CXCR2, IL-8RB40kDGPCR1 familyneutrophils, basophils, NK, T subset, monobinding of IL-8 induces chemotaxis of neutrophils
CD183CXCR340kDTM7SFeosinophils, Tact and NK, GM-CSF activated CD34+ progenitorsIP-10 , Mig and I-TAC receptor, T cell recruitment to inflammatory sites, enhancement of Th1 response
CD184CXCR4, fusin45kDTM7SFB, DC, T subset, mono, endothSDF-1 receptor, X4 HIV-1 coreceptor
CD185CXCR5, BLR145kDGPCR1 familymature B and Burkitt Lymphoma cellswith chemokine BLC, possible regulatory function in Burkitt Lymphomagenesis and/or B differentiation, activation of mature B
CD186CXCR6, BONZO40kDGPCR1 familyTactreceptor for CXCL16 and coreceptor for SIV, strains of HIV-2 and m-tropic HIV-1
CD191CCR1, MIP-1alphaR, RANTES-R39kDGPCR1 familyT, mono, stem cell subsetbinds C-C type chemokines and transduces signal by increasing intracellular calcium ion levels
CD192CCR2, MCP-1-R40kDGPCR1 familyactivated NK and mononuclear phagocytes, T subset, B, endothbinds MCP-1, MCP-3 & MCP-4, alternative coreceptor with CD4 for HIV-1 infection
CD193CCR3, CKR345kDGPCR1 familyeosinophils, lower expression in neutrophils and mono, T subsetbinds eotaxin, eotaxin-3, MCP-3, MCP-4, RANTES & MIP-1delta, alternative coreceptor with CD4 for HIV-1 infection
CD195CCR545kD mono, T subsetMIP-1alpha, MIP-1beta and RANTES receptor, R5 HIV-1 coreceptor
CD196CCR6, LARC receptor, DRY645kDGPCR1 familyT subset, B, DC subsetbinds MIP-3alpha/LARC
CD197CCR745kD T subset, DC Subset6Ckine and MIP-2beta receptor
CD198CCR8, GPRCY6, TER150kDGPCR1 familyT, high expression in Th2, NK, monoallergic inflammation, alternative coreceptor with CD4 for HIV-1 infection
CD199CCR9, GPR-9-643kDGPCR1 familysubset of memory T, lamina propria mononuclear cellsbinds SCYA25/TECK, alternative coreceptor with CD4 for HIV-1 infection
CD200OX-245-50kD thymocytes, endoth, B, Tactinhibition of immune response
CD201EPC-R50kD endoth subsetactivated protein C receptor
CD202bTie2, Tek150kDRTK familystem cells, endothangiopoietin-1 receptor
CD203cNPP3 / PDNP3, ENpp1, PD-1b130-150kDtype II TMbasophils, mast cells, glioma cells, megakaryocytesectoenzyme, binding to and clearance of extracellular nucleotides
CD204Macrophage scavenger-R220kD macendocytosis of macromolecules
CD205DEC-205205kD DC, thymic epithDC, thymic epith
CD206macrophage mannose-R180kD DC subset, mac, monophagocytosis and pinocytosis of mannose containing molecules
CD207Langerin40kD Langerhans cellsendocytic receptor
CD208DC-LAMP70-90kD DCact, interdigitating DC 
CD209DC-SIGN44kD DC subsetICAM-3 receptor, HIV-1 binding protein
CD210IL-10-R90-110kD T, B, NK, mono, macIL-10 receptor, signal transduction
CD212IL-12-R beta1100kD Tact and NKbinds IL-12 with high affinity, associates with IL-12 receptor beta2
CD213a1IL-13-R alpha165kD B, mono, fibroblasts, endothbinds IL-13 with low affinity, with CD124
CD213a2IL-13-R alpha265kD B, monobinds IL-13 with high affinity
CD217IL-17-R120kD broadIL-17 receptor
CD218aIL-18Ralpha, IL-1Rrp70kDIL-1R familyT, NK, DCsbinds IL-18, activation of NF-kappaB
CD218bIL-18Rbeta, IL18RAP70kDIL-1R familyT, NK and DCsheterodimeric receptor with IL-18Ralpha to enhance IL-18 binding
CD220Insulin-R140, 70kD broadinsulin receptor
CD221IGF-1 R140, 70kD broadbinds IGF with high affinity, signaling, cell proliferation/ differentiation
CD222IGF-II R, mannose-6 phosphate-R250kDType I TMbroad, 90-95% intracellularadhesion, tumor growth, a receptor for TGFbeta-LAP, plasminogen, proliferin, truncated form (220kD) found in serum
CD223LAG-370kDIgSFTact and NKan MHC class II ligand
CD224GGT27, 68kD leukocytes, stem cells 
CD225Leu-1317kD broad 
CD226DNAM-1, PTA-1, TLiSA165kDIgSFT, NK, mono, platelets, activated HUVECactivation of cell-mediated cytotoxicity, soluble form (50kD) found in normal serum
CD227MUC1, EMA300kDMucin family, type I TMepith, stem cell subset, FDC, mono, B subset, some myelomasadhesion, signaling, binds CD169, CD54, & selectins
CD228Melanotransferrin80-95kD stem cells, melanomas 
CD229Ly-995, 110kDIgSFT, Badhesion
CD230Prion protein35kDbroad  
CD231TALLA-1, A1530-45kDTM4SFT leukemias, neuroblastomas, brain neuronsmarker for T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
CD232VESP-R200kD broad 
CD233Band 3, SLC4A190kDAnion exchanger familyerythrocytesanion exchanger pump, transport of CO2, linking red cell membrane to cytoskeleton
CD234Duffy, DARC35-45kD erythrocytesDuffy antigen chemokine receptor
CD235aGlycophorin A36kD erythrocytes 
CD235abGlycophorin A/B20kD erythrocytes 
CD235bGlycophorin B20kD erythrocytes 
CD236Glycophorin C/D32, 23kD erythrocytes, stem cell subset 
CD236RGlycophorin C32kD erythrocytes, stem cell subset 
CD238Kell93kD erythrocytes, stem cell subset 
CD239B-CAM78-85kD erythrocytes, stem cell subset 
CD240CERh30CE30-32kD erythrocytes 
CD241RhAg, Rh5050kDTM12SFerythrocytescomplex with CD47, LW, glycophorin B
CD242ICAM-442kDIgSFerythrocytesadhesion, Landsteiner-Wiener blood group
CD243MDR-1, p170, P-gp180kD stem cells, small intestine, kidney stem cells, small intestine, kidneyion pump
CD2442B470kDtype II TMT subset, mono, basophils, NKNK activation, CD48 ligand
CD245p220/240220-240kD T subset 
CD246ALK, Ki-180kD anaplastic T cell leukemias, small intestine, testis, brain, not on normal lymphbrain development, implicated in ALK lymphomas
CD247TCRz16kDRTK familyT, NKTCR complex subunit, coupling of antigen recognition to signaling
CD248TEM1, Endosialin175kDC-Type Lectinendothelial tissue, stromal fibroblaststumor progression and angiogenesis
CD249Aminopeptidase A160kDPeptidase M1 familyepith, endothrenin-angiotensin system
CD252OX-40Ligand, gp3434kDTNFSFBact, cardiac myocytesT costimulation
CD253TRAIL, Apo-2L, TL2, TNFSF10 TNFSFTact, many tissuesdeath
CD254TRANCE, RANKL, OPGL35kDTNFSFlymph node & BM stroma Tactbinds OPG and RANK, osteoclast differentiation, enhances DC to stimulate naïve-T proliferation
CD256APRIL, TALL-216kDTNFSFmono, macbinds TACI & BCMA, B proliferation
CD257BLyS, BAFF, TALL-1 TNFSFmonoact, soluble formB cell growth factor & costimulator of Ig production
CD258LIGHT, HVEM-L28kDTNFSFTact, immature DCbinds LTBR, T proliferation, receptor for HVEM
CD261TRAIL-R1, DR457kDTNFRSFTact, peripheral blood leukocytescontains death domain, apoptosis via FADD & caspase-8
CD262TRAIL-R2, DR560kDTNFRSFwidely expressed, peripheral blood lymphocytescontains death domain, apoptosis via FADD and caspase-8
CD263TRAIL-R3, DcR1, LIT65kDTNFRSFperipheral blood lymphocytesreceptor for TRAIL but lacks death domain
CD265RANK, TRANCE-R, ODFR97kDTNFRSFbroad expressionbinds TRANCE, osteoclastogenesis, T-DC interactions
CD266TWEAK-R, FGF-inducible 1414kDTNFRSFheart, placenta and kidney, HUVECTWEAK receptor, cell-matrix interactions and endoth growth and migration
CD267TACI, TNFR SF13B  B, Tactbinds BAFF & APRIL
CD268BAFFR, TR13C25kDTNFRSFBbinds BLyS, mature B survival
CD269BCMA, TNFRSF13B20kDTNFRSFmature B (membrane and perinuclear)APRIL & BAFF receptor, B survival & proliferation
CD271NGFR, p75 (NTR)45kDTNFRSFneurons (schwann cells, growing neurites), BM mesenchymal cellsNGF, BDNF, NT-3, & NT-4 receptor, tumor suppressor, cell survival and death
CD272BTLA33kDIgSFTact, B , remains on Th1HVEM receptor, inhibitory response
CD273B7DC, PD-L2, PDCD1L225kDIgSFDC subset, mono, macPD-1 receptor, costimulation or suppression of T proliferation
CD274B7-H1, PD-L133kDIgSFleukocytes, broadPD-1 receptor, costimulation of lymphocytes
CD275B7-H2, ICOSL, B7-RP1, GL5060kDB7 FamilyB, DC, monocostimulation, cytokine production
CD276B7-H340-45kDB7 Family, ASVin vitro cultured DC and mono, Tact, mammary tissuecostimulation, T activation
CD277BT3.1, butyrophilin SF3 A1, BTF556kDB7/BT family, ASVT, B, NK, mono, DC, endoth, CD34+ cells, tumor cell linesT activation
CD278ICOS, AILIM55-60kDCD28 familyTact, Th2binds ICOS-L, T costimulation
CD279PD1, SLEB255kD Tact and BactB7-H1 & B7-DC receptor, autoimmune disease and peripheral tolerance
CD280ENDO180, UPARAP180kDC-type lectin SFchondrocytes, fibroblasts, endothelial, macmannose receptor, collagen matrix remodeling and endocytic recycling
CD281TLR190kDTLR familylow levels in PBMC, mono and possibly DCinnate immunity, with TLR2
CD282TLR290kDTLR familymono, neutrophil, upregulated in macbinds dsRNA, response to bacterial lipoproteins, innate immunity
CD283TLR3100kDTLR family, ASVderived moDC (may be intracellular)binds dsRNA, innate immunity
CD284TLR4100kDTLR family, ASVPBMC (weak in mono, immature DC & neutro)binds LPS, innate immunity
CD289TLR9120kDTLR familypDC (intracellular)binds CpG-DNA, innate immunity
CD292BMPR1A, ALK357kDType Ibone progenitorBMP 2 & 4 receptor, bone development
CD293BMPR1B, ALK657kDType I, ASVbone progenitorBMP receptor, bone development
CD294CRTH2. GPR4455-70kDGPCR-7TMTh2, eosinophils, basophilsbinds prostaglandin D2, stimulatory effects on Th2, allergic inflammation
CD295LeptinR, LEPR132kDType I cytokine-like receptorbroadadipose metabolism, immune dysfunction in obesity
CD296ART1, RT6, ART237kDADP- ribosyltransferaseheart and skeletal muscle, peripheral T, NK subsetmodifies integrins during differentiation, ADP ribosylation of target proteins
CD297ART4, dombrock blood group38kDADP- ribosyltransferaseerythroid, monoactADP ribosylation of target proteins
CD298Na+/K+-ATPase beta3 subunit52kD broadtransport sodium & potassium ions across membrane
CD299DC-SIGN-related, LSIGN, DC-SIGN245kDType II, similar to CD209, ASVendothelial subsetbinds ICAM3, HIV-1 gp120, coreceptor with DC-SIGN, HIV infection
CD300aCMRF35H, IRC1, IRp6060kDIgSF, ASVNK, mono, neutrophils, T and B subset and lymphocytic cell lines, AMLunknown
CD300cCMRF35A, LIR IgSFmono, neutrophils, monocytic cell lines, B & T subsetsunknown
CD300eCMRF35L IgSF CMRF family unknown
CD301MGL, HML38kDC type lectin SF, ASVimmature DCbinds Tn antigen, uptake of glycosylated antigens
CD302DCL1, BIMLEC19-28kDType I TM C-type lectin receptorsome myeloid and Hodgkin’s cell linesa fusion protein in Hodgkin’s lymphoma with DEC-205
CD303BDCA2, HECL38kDC-type lectin SF ASVplasmacytoid dendritic cellsinhibit IFN-alpha production
CD304BDCA4, neuropilin 1130kDsemaphorin familyneurons, CD4+/CD25+ Treg, DC, endothelial and tumor cellsinteracts with VEGF165 & semaphorins, co-receptor with plexin, axonal guidance, angiogenesis, cell survival, migration
CD305LAIR132-40kDIgSF, ASVNK, B, T, monoinhibitory receptor on NK and T cells
CD306LAIR2 IgSF, ASVunknownsoluble, mucosal tolerance
CD307IRTA255-105kDIgSF (Fc receptor), ASVB subset, B lymphomaB cell development, translocation in some lymphomas
CD309VEGFR2, KDR230kDType III TM tyr kinaseendothelial, angiogenic precursor cells, hemangioblastbinds VEGF, regulates adhesion and cell signaling
CD312EMR290kDEGFR-7TM ASVmono, mac, moDC, granslowcell adhesion and migration for phagocytosis
CD314NKG2D, KLR42kDType II lectin-like receptorNK, CD8+ activated, NK1.1+ T, some myeloid cellsbinds MHC class I, MICA, MICB, Rae1 & ULBP4, activates cytolysis and cytokine production, costimulation
CD315CD9P1, SMAP6, FPRP, PTGFRN135kDIgSFB subset, monoactwith CD81 and CD9
CD316EWI2, PGRL, CD81P3, KASP63-75kDIgSF8B, T cells, low on NK cellswith CD81 & CD9; involved in cell migration
CD317BST2, HM1.2430-36kDType IIB, T, NK, mono, DC, fibroblast cell line, myelomapre-B cell growth, overexpressed in multiple myeloma
CD318CDCP1, SIMA135135kDType I, ASVHSC (subset of CD34+), tumorscell adhesion with ECM
CD319CRACC, SLAMF766kDIg TMT, B and DC subset, NK, upregulated in DCregulate T and NK cells
CD3208D6A, 8D630kDLDL receptorfollicular DC, germinal centersB proliferation, tumor formation
CD321JAM1, F11 receptor35kDIgSF, Type I, ASVplatelet receptor, epithelia and endothelial, plateletstight junctions
CD322JAM2, VE-JAM43kDIgSFHEV, other endothcell adhesion, lymphocyte homing to secondary lymphoid organs
CD324E-Cadherin, Uvomorulin120kDcadherin SFnon-neural epithcell adhesion, homotypic interaction & binds alphaE/beta7
CD325N-Cadherin, NCAD140kDcadherin SFbrain, skeletal and cardiac musclecell adhesion, neuronal recognition
CD326Ep-CAM, Ly7435-40kD most epith cell membranesgrowth factor receptor?
CD327SIGLEC6 IgSFplacenta, spleen, B . sialic-acid dependentadhesion, membrane- bound & secreted forms
CD328SIGLEC7, AIRM-175kDIgSFresting and activated NK, placenta, liver, spleen, lower in gran & monosialic-acid dependent adhesion, inhibit NK activation, hemopoiesis
CD329SIGLEC9 IgSFneutrophils and monosialic-acid dependent adhesion molecule
CD331FGFR1, Fms-like tyrosine kinase-2, KAL2, N-SAM30kDTM tyr kinasefibroblasts, epithelialbinds FGF, high affinity receptor for fibroblast growth factors
CD332FGFR2, BEK, KGFR115-135kDTM RTK familyfibroblasts, epithelialbinds FGF, high affinity receptor for fibroblast growth factors
CD333FGFR3, ACH, CEK2115kDTM RTK familyfibroblasts, epithelialbinds FGF, high affinity receptor for fibroblast growth factors
CD334FGFR4, JTK2, TKF110kDTM RTK familyfibroblasts, epithelialbinds FGF, high affinity receptor for fibroblast growth factors
CD335NKp46, Ly-94 homolog46kDIgSFNKactivates NK cells upon non-MHC ligand binding
CD336NKp44, Ly-95 homolog44kDIgSFNKactivates NK cells upon non-MHC ligand binding
CD337NKp30, Ly11730kDIgSFNKactivates NK cells upon non-MHC ligand binding
CD338ABCG2, BCRP, Bcrp1, MXR73kDGPCR 7TMstem cell subset (side population)multi-drug resistance transporter
CD339Jagged-1, JAG1, JAGL1, hJ1135kDEGF TMstromal cells, epithelial, AMLbinds Notch, hematopoiesis

Human non-CD cellular antigens

4-1BB LigandCD137L TNFSFBact, DC, carcinoma cell linesT costimulation
AID  RNA-editing deaminase familyBact, Germinal Center BActivation-Induced Deaminase, Ig class switch recombination
AITRTNFRSF18, GITR  Treg, Tactcostimulation
B7 familysee CD273-276    
B7-H4B7-S1, B7x B7 family may interact with BTLA (?), inhibition
BAMBITGFBR29kDTGFBRcarcinoma cellpseudoreceptor for TGF-beta (short cytoplasmic domain), growth inhibition
BCMAsee CD269    
BLySsee CD257    
BR3see CD268    
BTLAsee CD272    
CCR7see CD197    
c-MetHGFR/SFR190kDheterodimer, PTKepith, hematopoietic progenitors, early thymocytestumor growth / metastasis, Hepatocyte Growth Factor / Scatter Factor receptor, T development, hematopoiesis
CMKLR1chemokine-like receptor 142kDGPCR 7TM, chemokine receptorpDC (CD123+), in vitro derived moDCbinds chemerin, pDC recruitment, bone development
DcR3TR6, TNFRSF6B SolubletumorsFas decoy receptor, tumor evasion
DEC-205see CD205    
DR3TRAMP, Apo-3, WSL-1, LARD, TR3 TNFRSFTact, leukocyteslymphocyte homeostasis
DR6TR7 TNFRSF death, Th2 response
Fc epsilonRI alphahigh-affinity IgE receptor tetramer complexmast cells, basophilstriggers IgE-mediated allergic reactions
Foxp3SCURFIN50kDFox family forkheadT subsets (CD4+/CD25+ subset and CD8+ subset)transcription factor, upregulated in T regs
Granzyme BGranzyme-2, CTLA-130kDPeptidase S1 familyCytotoxic T, NKtarget cell apoptotic lysis, cell-mediated immune responses
HLA-ABC 45, 11-12kD nucleated cellscell-mediated immune response & tumor surveillance
HLA-DR   APC, Tactpresentation of peptides to CD4+ T lymphocytes
HVEMTNFRSF14, TR260kDTNFRSFbroad expressionreceptor for LIGHT, LT-alpha, BTLA, Herpes Simplex Virus, lymphocyte activation
ICOSsee CD278    
ICOSLsee CD275    
IL-15R alpha   monoactbinds to IL-15, w/ IL-2RB and common gamma, IL-15 trans-presentation
Integrin beta5 100kD carcinoma cell lines, fibroblast linesw/ alphav subunit, vitronectin receptor
MD-2 30KD w/ TLR4 distribution and LPS recognition 
MICA/MICB 70kDMHC Class I-related proteinsintestinal epith, some tumorsunregulated on epith after shock, NKG2D receptors
Nanog 34kD ES cellstranscription factor, self renewal of ES cells
NKG2Dsee CD314    
NOD2CARD-15, IBD1  monocytes, intracellular 
Notch-1Lin-12, Tan 1  developing embryo, variety of adult tissuescell-cell interaction, cell fate determination
OPGTRAIL-R5, TR1, TNFRSF11B  binds TRAIL?bone resorption
OX-40see CD134    
OX-40 Ligandsee CD252    
p38 38kDSAP/MAP kinaseNK, CD8+ T subset, upregulated on CD8+Trole in cytolytic activity
PD-1see CD279    
PD-L1see CD274    
PD-L2see CD273    
Perforin 70-75kD CTL, NKcytolytic protein
RP105see CD180    
RANKsee CD265    
RANKLsee CD254    
SAPSLAM-associated protein14kDadaptor proteinT, NKnegatively regulates SLAM- family receptors
SLP-76 76kD T, BlowT cell receptor mediated signaling
SSEA-1stage-specific embryonic antigen-1  ES cells, embryonic carcinomas, germ cellsdown regulated by differentiation
SSEA-3stage-specific embryonic antigen-3    
SSEA-4stage-specific embryonic antigen-4    
Stro-1   BM stroma, erythroid progenitorssurface marker for immature mesenchymal cells
TACIsee CD267    
T-bet   Th1 cellstranscription factor, T development / differentiation
TCL1   B cell tumors, lymphoid lineages in a developmentally controlled manner, pDCintracellular, lymphoid proto-oncogene
TCR alpha beta   peripheral T subsetantigen recognition
TCR gamma delta   T subsetantigen recognition
TLR1 - TLR4see CD281 - CD284    
TLR5TIL3 TLR familymRNA: leukocytes, prostate, ovary, liver, lunginteracts w/ microbial lipoproteins, NF-kappaB, responds to Salmonella
TLR6  TLR familymRNA: leukocytes, ovary, lunginteracts w/ microbial lipoproteins, protein sequence similar to hTLR1; regulates TLR2 response
TLR7  TLR familymRNA: spleen, placenta, lung; upregulated on mac 
TLR8  TLR familymRNA: leukocytes, lung 
TLR9see CD289    
TLR10  TLR familymRNA: lymphoid tissuesmost closely related to TLR1 and TLR6
TNFRIsee CD120a    
TRAILsee CD253    
TSLPR 50kDheterodimer with IL-7Ralpha/CD127monocytes, DC, Bbinds TSLP (Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin) to activate DC
TWEAKTNFSF12, APO3L TNFSFactivated monodeath
TWEAK Receptorsee CD266    
ULBPs  MHC class I-related proteins, GPI-linkedtumorsNKG2D receptors, NK activation
ZAP-70TCRζ-associated kinase70kDSyk familyIntracellular T, NKTCR signaling & development