Stabilized and raw plain kit together

SpeciMAX saliva collection kits are optimized for simple self-collection of saliva samples for SARS-CoV-2 and beyond.

We offer two different standardized saliva collection methods to best suit your labs research needs:

  • SpeciMAX stabilized saliva collection kit for collection of preserved saliva in non-hazardous, virus-inactivated solution for SARS-CoV-2 research.

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  • SpeciMAX saliva collection kit for collection of plain/raw saliva for efficient, cost-effective, and high-frequency surveillance testing.

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Saliva collection and testing ebook

A complete “how-to” guide for saliva collection and testing

Get a high-level view of saliva’s position as a sample type in the present day.

Saliva Collection with SpeciMAX Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit

Learn how to use our SpeciMAX Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit with this protocol video.

Study for inactivation of respiratory viruses in raw saliva

Heat inactivation of respiratory viruses in raw saliva for nucleic acid extraction

This study provides a method to inactivate human respiratory viral pathogens in saliva specimens for safer downstream sample processing.

Saliva collection kits optimized for your automated workflow

Space, time, and cost savings compared to other collection kits

Easy-to-use with non-invasive, self-collection capability

  • Secures 1-2 mL saliva in 6 mL polypropylene transfer tube
  • Convenient single-use funnel and collection tube that allows for self-collection preferred by most users

Optimized for saliva collection and sample accessioning

  • 95kPa compliant saliva collection tube for secure transport
  • Single-use, individually-packaged kits available in cases from a trusted single-source supplier (Looking for bulk ordering? Request more information.)

To see full instructions and protocol videos for use, visit the respective SpeciMAX saliva collection kit product pages.

  • SpeciMAX Plain/Raw Saliva Collection Kit is easy to use and cost effective—low cost per sample
  • SpeciMAX Stabilized Saliva Collection Kits help keep staff safe with a non-hazardous, virus-inactivating stabilization solution that is compatible with all disinfection protocols (does not contain guanidinium)
BenefitRaw (a.k.a. plain/whole/neat) salivaStabilized/preserved saliva
Increased safety (SARS-CoV-2 and common enveloped respiratory virus inactivation) 
Stabilized nucleic acids for sample storage 
Store/ship saliva at room temperature 
Length of storageSARS-CoV-2: up to 7 days
*at 4ºC
gDNA: 2 years
Viral nucleic acid: up to 14 days
RNA: up to 14 days
*at ambient temperatures
Suitable for PCR workflowsDirect-to-PCR or viral RNA extractionViral RNA extraction
Saliva sample volume needed1—2 mL (1 and 2 mL fill lines)1 mL (1 and 2 mL fill lines) (Fill to here sticker)
FunnelSingle-use, snap-on funnelSpill-resistant, single-use, screw-on funnel
Barcoding on tubes1D barcode supplied in box, added manually by userYes, serialized 1D barcode
Regulatory classificationFor Research Use Only
Heat toleranceUp to 95ºC
Cat. No.A50696 (400 kits), A50696P10 (10 kits)A50697 (100 kits), A50697p10 (10 kits)

Benefits of SpeciMax saliva collection over nasal swab and nasopharyngeal collection:

  • Non-invasive sample collection
  • Self-collected and less variability between users
  • Easier laboratory workflow (no swabs to deal with)
  • No mucus issues
  • Preferred by most users

SpeciMAX plain/raw saliva collection kit compared to 15 and 50 mL conical tubes

 SpeciMAX Saliva Collection Kit
15 and 50 mL conical tube or conical tube with straw
TimeTubes are designed to be placed directly into automaton racks — no sample transfer steps30 sec manual transfers x 1000 samples
= 8 hrs of lost labor (see image below)
Storage6 mL size15 and 50 mL size
AccuracyComparable to nasopharyngeal swabs using standard extractionPotential risk of contamination due to manual transfers, epithelial cells taken from straw can interfere with reading
Ease of use
  • Convenient wide-mouth funnel for easy saliva collection
  • Optimized for saliva collection
  • Small diameter straw or tube increases collection difficulties and user error
  • Repurposed tubes may not be optimized for saliva collection

Stabilized collection kit compared to other stabilized collection kits

 SpeciMAX Stabilized Collection KitOther saliva collection kits
Stabilizing agentNon-hazardous solution preserves nucleic acids and inactivates common respiratory virusesHazardous and/or flammable stabilization solutions present waste and shipping challenges (such as ethanol- or guanidinium-based solutions)
DisinfectionCompatible with all disinfection protocols and no reaction with bleach (does not contain guanidinium)Not all are compatible with all disinfecting protocols and some can cause dangerous cyanide gas when used with bleach
Size6 mL standard-sized tubes compatible with automation racks and decappers for downstream analysis workflows and liquid handlersNot all are compatible with decappers or automation racks requiring manual transfers (see potential time savings below)
Collection volumeOnly 1 mL of saliva necessaryRequire 2 mL of saliva

Helps save time and money by eliminating messy manual saliva transfers needed when using non-standardized collection kits

Helps save incubator, storage, and refrigeration space compared to other collection kits

SpeciMAX Stabilized Saliva kit

Tube with barcode, funnel, and cap of stabilized saliva collection kit
Spill proof funnel on stabilized saliva collection kit with cap
Capped tube with barcode and funnel of stabilized saliva collection kit

SpeciMAX Plain/Raw Saliva kit

Plain/raw saliva collection kit with funnel, tube, and cap
Plain/raw saliva collection kit with funnel, tube, and cap
Plain/raw saliva collection kit with funnel, tube, and cap

SpeciMAX saliva collection kits fit into your direct-to-PCR or viral RNA extraction workflow. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we offer both solutions depending on your needs.

Direct-to-PCR workflows for the TaqMan SARS-CoV-2 Fast PCR Combo Kit 2.0 and TaqCheck SARS-CoV-2 Fast PCR Assay

SARS-CoV-2 surveillance testing for population-level occurrence

Standard viral RNA extraction workflows with MagMAX Viral/Pathogen kits (RUO) and KingFisher

Specimax saliva collection kits, individually packaged

See the more sensitive detection RNA extraction workflow here

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.