We have designed medium and high-throughput (HTP) configurations of chemically competent cells, to accommodate your increasing experimental needs. MultiShot Competent Cells are available in three packaging formats, StripWell, FlexPlate, and TOP10 96-well plates offering you flexibility in the number of transformations that can be performed at once for cloning. Choose from one of our convenient product designs.

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StripWell Chemically
Competent E. Coli

New strains available

FlexPlate Chemically
Competent E. Coli


New configuration

TOP10 Chemically
Competent E. Coli

  • Extremely versatile
  • Perform 1 to 96 transformations
  • Very adaptable
  • Use as multiples of
    8-wells up to an entire plate
  • A high throughput tool ideal for automation
Format 12 x 8-tube strips 96-well PCR plate that can be separated into
12 x 8-well segments
96-well plates 

Kit size

1 rack (12 x 8-tube strips) 1 segmented plate 5 plates

Volume per well

50 μL 20 μL 15 μL

MultiShot Product Line Overview

Transformation Efficiencies of DH5α Competent E. coli and DH5α derivatives

Comparing DH5α competent E. coli and 5α derivatives in multiple product configurations

Figure 1. Comparing DH5α competent E. coli and 5α derivatives in multiple product configurations. Transformation efficiency was measured by performing triplicate transformations, using 10 pg pUC19 DNA, per manufacturer’s recommended protocol. Each transformation was plated in duplicate.

Find the MultiShot strain and format that you need

We also offer many other different strains and formats of chemically competent cells and electrocompetent cells to help meet your specific transformation needs. If you require other high-throughput transformation options contact us for custom formatting options.

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Which Competent Cell Strain is Right for You?

  96-well plate format for HTP cloning Versatile stripwell tubes for medium to HTP applications Highest efficiency in versatile stripwell format
Top Seller   yes
Format96-well plates for automated applications12 strips of 8 tubes in a 96-well plate format12 strips of 8 tubes in a 96-well plate format
FlexibilityUse as needed8 reaction combinations
Volume / well15 µL50 µL50 µL
Kit size5 plates1 plate1 plate
Transformation efficiency>1x108 cfu/µg>1x108 cfu/µg>1x109 cfu/µg
T1 and T5 Phage resistant (ton A)yes
Time to pick coloniesOvernightOvernightSame day
Time to purify plasmid DNA after inoculationOvernightOvernightAs soon as 4 hrs
mcrA for efficient transformation of methylated DNA from genomic preparationsyesyes
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