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  Most common method
Antibody binding
You have a biotinylated antibody towards the antigen
Biotin binding
You have cell line with a recombinant (fusion tagged) target protein
Recombinant protein binding
Starting sample Lysate from any cell/ bacteria/yeast, or body fluids Lysate from any cell/ bacteria/yeast, or body fluids Cell lines
Requires additional target antibody Yes Yes No, beads are directly targeting the tagged proteins
Requires species specific antibodies Yes No N/A
Antibody co-eluted off the beads Yes/No (product specific) Yes* N/A
  • High specificity for different antibodies.
  • Optimized IP protocols and ready-to-go-kits
  • Mass spectrometry compatible products
  • Binds any biotinylated antibody, thus very flexible use
  • Doesn’t require an antibody to isolate the target.
  • Same tag can be used on many different proteins
*Crosslinking can be performed to avoid co-elution of the antibody, but this can decrease the yield of the target antigen.

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Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence

Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence

Everyone starting out in fluorescence imaging has questions. Learn the fundamentals of fluorescence microscopy, including sample and media considerations, sample preparation, and beginner’s protocols to help you get started. We hope you will benefit from the information in Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence.

How to find a secondary antibody

Step 1: Search for the target species of interest (e.g., “anti-mouse” or “goat anti-rabbit” or “alexa fluor 488”).
Step 2: Narrow results by host species, conjugate, application, and other criteria using side filters.

Popular products


Popular products

By host species By antibody isotype By conjugate type
Goat IgA Unconjugated
Hamster IgE Alexa Fluor dyes
Human IgG Biotin conjugates
Mouse IgG1 Classic dyes (e.g. FITC, TRITC)
Rabbit IgG2a Pacific dyes
Rat IgG2b PE and APC
  IgG3 PerCP
  IgM Qdot probe
  Multi Tandems (e.g. PE-Alexa Fluor 647)

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