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ELISA and additional screening and method validation procedures for custom antibodies.

Thermo Fisher Scientific online project management tool for Pierce Custom Antibody Production Services enables you to easily track and efficiently manage your antibody development projects.

Choose the custom antibody services based on specific assay applications and overall price.

Custom antibody services for production and purification of post-translational modification-specific antibodies.


The Thermo Scientific Antigen Profiler is a bioinformatics protein sequence analysis tool and custom peptide design algorithm for designing and creating superior peptide antigens. The platform incorporates an exclusive set of powerful bioinformatics algorithms for analyzing and designing peptide and protein antigens to ensure high-titer custom production of highly-specific antibodies. The analysis is offered as a service for researchers who wish to design and synthesize effective peptide antigens for custom antibody development using our comprehensive custom antibody production service.

Assay Development Technical Handbook

The revised Assay Development Technical Handbook is an essential resource for any laboratory using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and related plate-based assay methods. The handbook describes the essential techniques and tools for designing and optimizing ELISA Assays. Featured products include coated microplates, standards, blockers, buffers, probe-labeling reagents, secondary antibodies and detection substrates.

Contents include: Introduction to ELISA, Selecting an ELISA Plate, Thermo Scientific Pierce Microplates, Thermo Scientific Pierce Coated Microplates, Blocking and Washing, Blocking and Washing Reagents, Detection Probes, Antibody Labeling, Choosing a Substrate, Bulk and Custom Offerings, and Recommended Reading.

High-Performance Dialysis Brochure

Dialysis is a separation technique that gained popularity in life science laboratories during the 1950s. Research papers of that era described dialysis as a new, cutting-edge tool that scientists could use to unravel complex mixtures of biomacromolecules. Many of the dialysis theories established at that time are the cornerstones for contemporary products featured in this brochure. There are, however, two major differences between the dialysis tools of yesterday and today—preparation time and the amount of sample loss due to leaks. Early laboratory dialysis methods involved dedicating a significant amount of time to membrane preparation; Thermo Scientific Pierce Dialysis Products are essentially ready to use and resist sample leakage.

Western Blotting Handbook and Troubleshooting Guide

The "Thermo Scientific Pierce Western Blotting Handbook and Troubleshooting Guide" (2014) details each step of the Western blotting process with technical information and products for transfer, blocking, washing, antibodies, substrates, film and stripping buffer, including Pierce Fast Western products. You will want to keep this booklet close at hand because it also includes protocols, references and a troubleshooting guide.


Protein Interactions Technical Handbook

Our 72-page Protein Interactions Technical Handbook provides protocols and technical and product information to help maximize results for protein interaction studies. The handbook provides background, helpful hints and troubleshooting advice for immunoprecipitation and co-immunoprecipitation assays, pull-down assays, far-western blotting and crosslinking. The handbook also features an expanded section on methods to study protein–nucleic acid interactions, including ChIP, EMSA and RNA EMSA. The handbook is an essential resource for any laboratory studying protein interactions.

Contents include: Introduction to protein interactions, Co-immunoprecipitation assays, Pull-down assays, Far-western blotting, Protein interaction mapping, Yeast two-hybrid reporter assays, Electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSA), Chromatin immunoprecipitation assays (ChIP), Protein–nucleic acid conjugates, and more.

Protein Preparation Handbook

Learn more about how to desalt, buffer exchange, concentrate, and/or remove contaminants from protein samples, immunoprecipitation and other protein purification and clean up methods using various Thermo Scientific protein biology tools in this 32-page handbook.

  • Immunoprecipitation (IP), co-IP, and chromatin-IP
  • Recombinant protein purification tags
  • Dialyze protein samples securely using Slide-A-Lyzer dialysis cassettes and devices
  • Rapidly desalt samples with high protein recovery using Zeba spin desalting columns and plates
  • Efficiently extract specific contaminants using resins optimized for detergent or endotoxin removal
  • Concentrate dilute protein samples quickly using Pierce protein concentrators

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Mass Spectrometry Digital Resource Center

Improve your mass spectrometry results
Explore the new mass spec digital resource center to get practical information and tips to help you achieve your goals. Access the site to gain access to these free resources:

  • Downloadable Thermo Scientific Protein Sample Preparation and Quantitation for Mass Spectrometry Handbook about tools and techniques for more robust and reproducible sample processing, protein quantitation and instrument calibration
  • Helpful white papers and late breaking posters on specific applications such as subcellular fractionation, peptide fractionation, isobaric labeling and more
  • On-demand webinars covering protein quantitation methods

Bioconjugate Techniques, 3rd Edition

Bioconjugate Techniques, 3rd Edition (2013) by Greg T. Hermanson is a major update to a book that is widely recognized as the definitive reference guide in the field of bioconjugation.

Bioconjugate Techniques is a complete textbook and protocols-manual for life scientists wishing to learn and master biomolecular crosslinking, labeling and immobilization techniques that form the basis of many laboratory applications. The book is also an exhaustive and robust reference for researchers looking to develop novel conjugation strategies for entirely new applications. It also contains an extensive introduction to the field of bioconjugation, which covers all the major applications of the technology used in diverse scientific disciplines, as well as tips for designing the optimal bioconjugate for any purpose.

Crosslinking Reagents Technical Handbook

This 45-page guide is of value to the novice as well as those who have previous experience with crosslinking reagents. It begins with a basic discussion on crosslinking and the reagents that are used. The guide also contains a discussion on various applications where crosslinking has been applied, including the powerful label transfer technique for identifying or confirming protein interactions. Crosslinking chemistry is addressed in an easy-to-follow format designed to convey the important information you need without getting lost in details. Each Thermo Scientific Pierce crosslinking reagent is shown along with its structure, molecular weight, spacer arm length and chemical reactivity. The handbook concludes with a list of excellent references on crosslinker use and a glossary of common crosslinking terms.

Protein Purification Technical Handbook

The revised 80-page handbook provides technical and product information to help maximize results for protein purification procedures. The handbook provides background, helpful hints and troubleshooting advice for covalent coupling of affinity ligands to chromatography supports, avidin:biotin-binding, affinity purification of antibodies, immunoprecipitation and co-immunoprecipitation assays, affinity procedures for contaminant removal, and FPLC purification methods.


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Bead-based technology enables the analysis of multiple targets in a single sample from a wide range of biological sources. Check our custom Luminex assay panel.

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Browse our secondary antibodies, with conjugates that include Alexa Fluor and classic fluorescent dyes, HRP and AP, and more from a wide range of hosts.


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