Unlike eukaryotic cells, yeast and many bacterial strains are protected by cell walls that can be difficult to disrupt. As a first step, effective cell lysis (typically via mechanical disruption or enzymatic pretreatment) is required prior to any RNA isolation procedure.

A range of products developed by the Ambion® RNA experts will help you isolate high yields of pure, intact RNA from bacteria and yeast.

Which Bacterial RNA Extraction Kit is Right for You?

No lysis procedures Fast & easy, 20 min HTP, 45 min Ideal for hard-to-lyse gram + bacteria
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  TRIzol® Max™ Bacterial RNA Isolation Kit w/TRIzol® & Max Bacterial Enhancement Reagent PureLink® RNA Mini Kit MagMAX™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit RiboPure™-Bacteria Kit
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Includes specialized beads for cell lysis No No Zirconia beads Zirconia beads
Isolation method High purity organic extraction (requires alcohol precipitation) Fast, convenient silica column Scalable, flexible format with magnetic beads Highest purity & convenience; includes organic extraction & silica column (no precipitation required)
Prep time 1 hour 20 minutes 45 minutes 1 hour
Amount of starting material Up to 1 x 108 cells Up to 1 x 109 cells Up to 0.3 g solid samples or 175 µl liquid samples Up to 109 cells
High throughput compatible
Kit size 100 preps 50 preps 100 preps 50 preps
Price per prep $4.43 $4.50 $5.24 $7.58