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We offer powerful and versatile Invitrogen cloning and expression vectors, GeneArt Gene Synthesis and assembly tools, and molecular biology essentials for that critical first step in your experiment. Unsure where to start? Find out more

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5-minute, room-temperature cloning with no gel purification or post-PCR modifications & up to 95% recombinants with TOPO cloning.

Combining the convenience of the Invitrogen online ordering system, with cutting-edge GeneArt service offerings.

High-efficiency cloning of blunt-ends using Invitrogen Zero Blunt cloning kits.

Based on Type IIs restriction enzymes for non-recombination-based cloning of multiple DNA inserts.

Easily clone long fragments using the TOPO XL-2 Complete PCR Cloning Kit.

Gateway recombination cloning technology allows gene shuttling, enabling you to access virtually any expression system.

TA cloning technology relies on the complimentary of thymine & adenine. Enhanced with Invitrogen ExpressLink T4 DNA Ligase.

Choose competent cells based on application, strain, packaging format & transformation efficiency.

An advanced line of restriction enzymes and DNA-modifying enzymes in a complete one-buffer system for simplified cloning.

PCR enzymes for any application: high fidelity, high specificity, long fragment, GC-rich, genotyping, or routine PCR.

A variety of scales, formats, modifications, & purifications to meet your cloning needs.

Thermo Scientific product line such as FastDigest restriction enzymes, CloneJET kits, InsTAclone kits, Ligase Independent Cloning, Alkaline Phosphatases and more.

Clone up to 15 fragments simultaneously to build large, seamless clones.

Track and manage data throughout the therapeutic discovery and development processes.

Find tools, kits, and services for synthetic gene production, including custom-made linear fragments, solutions for genetic assembly and mutagenesis, and online ordering of optimized genes cloned into the vector of your choice.


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We offer everything from custom vector design to high-throughput protein expression.

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Learn about the foundations of recombinant DNA technology


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