Our unstained standards are unmodified by dyes and provide highly accurate and precise estimation of molecular weights. Unstained standards are available for a broad range of gel types.

Find the right unstained protein standard for you

Each standard has its own advantages. Please use the table and information below to help select the appropriate protein standard for your application.

PageRuler Unstained Low Range Protein Ladder PageRuler Unstained Protein Ladder NativeMark™ Unstained Protein Standard
Range Low MW Broad MW High MW
No. of bands 8 bands 14 bands 8 bands
No. of colors Unstained Unstained Unstained
MW range (kDa) 3.4–100 kDa 10–200 kDa 20–1,200 kDa
Gel compatibility All gels All gels Tris-Glycine, NativePAGE™, Novex® Bis-Tris, Tris-Acetate
Shelf life 1 year at –20°C 1 year at –20°C 1 year at –20°C
Catalog # 26632 26614 LC0725
Product size 2 x 250 µL 2 x 250 µL 5 x 50 µL
No. of rxns 100 100 100
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