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Trust consumables developed and tested using the latest Thermo Scientific Chromatography Instruments

Thank you for selecting Thermo Scientific Chromatography instrumentation. To help you to maximize your investment, we offer full range of chromatography consumables solutions developed by the same innovative team, and tested using the latest Thermo Scientific Chromatography Instruments - so you can be assured that our consumables are the perfect fit for your chromatography systems.

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Consumables for instruments


Find some of our most popular columns and consumables, specifically designed and optimized for our Thermo Scientific HPLC and UHPLC systems.


Discover our comprehensive LC-MS consumables to address your most stringent analytical requirements.


Achieve better results with our consumable solutions designed for our GC and GC-MS platforms.

Consumables for applications


Innovative solutions to accelerate your biopharma workflow.

Food & Beverage

Meet the highest standards of food quality, safety and authenticity with our range of solutions.


Comprehensive consumable solutions to support your environmental quality testing needs.