graph of emission spectra for PE-eFluor 610 dye

The PE-eFluor 610 dye is a high-performance tandem fluorophore designed for use with flow cytometers equipped with blue (488 nm), green (532 nm), or yellow-green (561 nm) laser. It has a peak emission of 607 nm that can be detected using typical filters for PE-Texas Red dye, such as a 610/20 bandpass filter.

Benefits of PE-eFluor 610 include

  • Brighter than PE-Texas Red dye antibody conjugates
  • Reduced compensation out of other far-red channels
  • Stable performance when treated with formaldehyde fixation or exposed to ambient light

PE-eFluor 610 dye dashboard

Initial brightness

PE-eFluor 610 dye is a tandem fluorophore developed for use in multicolor flow cytometry.  

Photostability in buffer


  488/532/561 610/20 532-561 607  
Laser line

Common filter set

Excitation max

Emission max
Flow histogram comparing PE-eFluor 610 dye to PE-Texas Red dye

PE-eFluor 610 dye is brighter than PE-Texas Red dye. Normal human peripheral blood cells were stained with CD3 conjugated to PE-eFluor 610 dye (clone UCHT1) (dark orange line) or PE-Texas Red dye (light orange line).

Flow histogram showing fluorescence intensity of PE-eFluor 610 dye before and after extended ambient light exposure

Photostability of PE-eFluor 610 dye. Normal human peripheral blood cells were stained with Anti-CD3 PE-eFluor 610 (clone UCHT1). Cells were then washed and incubated for six hours at 4°C in the dark (red line), at room temperature in ambient light (blue line), or at room temperature on the windowsill (orange line).

PE-eFluor 610 dye products

We offer PE-eFluor 610 dye conjugated to primary antibodies for use in flow cytometry.

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