Figure 1. Spectral signature of Alexa Fluor 561.

Alexa Fluor 561 is a bright dye optimized for flow cytometers with spectral capabilities. This fluorophore can be used for cell surface, intracellular, and intranuclear antigens. It should be used in complex multicolor panels to fit between fluorophores FITC and PE. In simpler panels, Alexa Fluor 561 can replace PE to reduce emission spreading into PE tandem dyes.

Alexa Fluor 561 dye dashboard

Initial brightness

The yellow laser–excitable Alexa Fluor 561 dye is optimized for use in spectral flow cytometry applications. 

Photostability in buffer


Alexa Fluor 561 dye products

We offer Alexa Fluor 561 dye conjugated to primary antibodies for use in flow cytometry.

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Figure 2. CD4-Alexa Fluor 561 staining. Normal human peripheral blood cells were stained with CD3 Monoclonal Antibody, FITC (Cat. No. 11-0037-42) and Mouse IgG1 kappa Isotype Control, Alexa Fluor 561 (Cat. No. 505-4714-81) (left) or CD4 Monoclonal Antibody, Alexa Fluor 561 (right). Viable cells in the lymphocyte gate were used for analysis, as determined by 7-AAD (Cat. No. 00-6993-50). This data was collected on a 5-laser Cytek Aurora full spectral cytometer.

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