Circuit edit was used to create this precise aluminum metal line cut.

Circuit edit for reduced time to market: time-saving and cost-effective ion beam editing

Have you ever wished you could speed the time to market for your most critical designs accurately and with precision? The new Thermo Scientific Centrios Circuit Edit system with its well-established focused ion beam (FIB) enables you to confirm design changes on first silicon without waiting for a respin of the design. Getting critical customer samples to market in time to beat the competition. 

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MultiChem Gas Delivery System: superior precision and control for every type of edit and a streamlined design

Featuring an innovative dual flow MultiChem Gas Delivery system that allows simultaneous control of dual opposing nozzles to optimize uniformity and maximize process control and throughput of the most challenging edit.

Tomahawk WDR Ion Column – new reduced working distance FIB for improved imaging and milling resolution

The Thermo Scientific Tomahawk WDR focused ion beam column with reduced working distance design significantly improves imaging and milling resolution.  The improved beam profile and reduced spot size combined with new gas delivery system enable the precision, control and accuracy needed for successful advanced front and back side edits.

Circuit edit FIB-milled region with overlaid CAD pattern.

Learn more about the Centrios Circuit Edit System's technology

Circuit edit FIB-milled region with overlaid CAD pattern.

What is the Centrios Circuit Edit System?

The Centrios system is the newest member of the Thermo Scientific portfolio of Circuit Edit solutions, targeting the process nodes most relevant to the dynamic field of wireless-internet-connected devices, where time to market spells the difference between success and failure. The Centrios System enables rapid prototyping and first silicon debug and repair for 14 nm and above design-rule devices as well as advanced front and back side edits using an innovative state-of-the-art simultaneous dual-nozzle gas-delivery system in combination with a broad portfolio of chemistries and the latest focused ion beam technology.

Uniform delayering with the circuit edit FIB.

How our Circuit Edit System meets you needs

With the Centrios system, circuit edit engineers, whether supporting designers or in service labs now have a high-performance circuit-edit solution to ensure availability of working first silicon devices to validate design changes, speed customer evaluations and capture critical time-to-market advantage. All of this without waiting for mask respin. Centrios can also be equipped with an IR microscope, which when coupled with our customized bulk trenching gas injection system and NEXS CAD Navigation SW enables fast, precise large area milling of silicon trenches with high accuracy n-well exposure for advanced backside edits. 

Removal of a thick copper layer with a circuit edit FIB.

Enhanced focused ion beam technology

The Centrios System features the Tomahawk Ion Column, which incorporates the latest developments in ion column design, gas delivery and end-point detection, providing fast, efficient and cost-effective editing. The Centrios System is equipped with a five-axis, ultra-high-resolution piezo electric stage and can be configured with a high-resolution IR microscope to enable unparalleled control and precision for every edit.



The Centrios System is the latest in advanced circuit edit solutions, targeting technology nodes most relevant to the growing field of wireless-internet-connected devices, where time to market spells the difference between success and failure.

Webinar: Introducing the Centrios

Duration: 6:45

Are you tired of living with compromised Circuit Edit performance using an out-of-date tool or a “sometimes circuit edit” tool?   Or, challenged by device topography causing non-planar delayering when accessing deep layers in the device?  Are you suffering from poor acuity and non-uniform deep vias and inadequate filling?  If you want a simpler solution for advanced edits, don’t compromise any longer.  The new Thermo Scientific Centrios is a dedicated Circuit Edit system offering a simple and easy-to-use interface for advanced circuit edits, incorporating the latest improvements in FIB / gas delivery technology that you have come to expect from Thermo Scientific EFA / PFA lab instruments.


Biography: David Tien

David Tien currently serves as the Product Marketing Director of the Circuit Edit product line.  Prior to taking responsibility for the Circuit Edit product line, he managed the ELITE product line in the Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA) group working with FA engineers on silicon and package level fault isolation and failure analysis.  His experience in the semiconductor industry spans over two decades with experience in not only electrical failure analysis but also in the areas of process development and process control and diagnostics.  During this time, he has also authored over 15 technical publications and patents. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley and an MBA from California State University.

Why should I attend?

  • See the latest improvements in Circuit Edit performance enabled by Centrios
  • Learn how Centrios brings better precision, control and accuracy with simple and easy-to-use operations
  • Discover how Centrios gives you an edge by accelerating your product development cycle and significantly reducing time-to-market.

Who should attend?

  • Circuit Edit engineers interested in seeing the latest improvements in FIB/Gas delivery technology for precise and controlled edits
  • Design/Dubug engineers interested in understanding all the new advanced edits made possible with the latest developments in Circuit Edit technology
  • Failure Analysis lab managers interested in understanding how Circuit Edit can accelerate product development cycle time and repay the cost of their investment many times over
  • Service Lab managers interested in upgrading their fleet with the latest workhorse for Circuit Edit and offering more advanced Circuit Edit services and design rule devices down to 14nm

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